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Been off line due to Friday's tornado - Bummer Knees - 05-09-2009

Early Friday morning a storm hit the area of Kansas where I live.

Some weather reports say a FI tornado hit the area, others say it was straight line winds of over 100 mph.

The storm hit 4:00 Friday morning, the winds, large hail, and over 4 inches of rain in less then 10 minutes. The electricty went out right away and my finished basement started to flood to to the heavy rains.

My husband hooked up the generator and we started to bail water.

Many of the homes in the towns near where we lived had heavy damage.

Schools were cancelled Friday and many be cancelled Monday as some of the schools also have storm damage.

My husband and I have been fortunate as we had the generator
(A must when living in the country) and our power just came back
on a short time ago!

My daughter's horse died yesterday as a result of the storm.
Hubby is check the outside of the house for storm damage.

Bummer Knees

RE: Been off line due to Friday's tornado - jayne - 05-09-2009

ah geez Kathy...tell your daughter how sorry I am about her horse as I know how sad I was to have to sell mine I know her loss is even greater....glad that no one was hurt and little damage...that storm also came thru here...we have so much water it is like a swamp here

RE: Been off line due to Friday's tornado - chrischris - 05-09-2009

That's too bad about your daughter's horse. It's so hard to lose our pets. To many of us, they are family members. Hope you are ok otherwise.

That's why my husband's family moved out of Kansas, tornatos and golf ball size hail. Well, everywhere has it's faults.

RE: Been off line due to Friday's tornado - monster - 05-10-2009

Oh Bummer I am sorry for your water damage and for your daughters horse puppy especially, that is so sad. Please tell her I am sorry for her loss, I am sure she is taking it hard. I am glad you are all okay though.


RE: Been off line due to Friday's tornado - UndercovrAngel - 05-10-2009


I am sorry to hear about all the weather problems that they have been having up your way. We have braced the past 2 weekends for bad weather.. going so far as making sure both of our vehicles were out of harms way if we got the predicted hail...and nothing happened. So this weekend, I said to heck with it. Went so far as to washing my car on Thursday and leaving it parked on the street. Still not a single drop of rain. Everything seems to be staying north and south east of us. But, at least, we have gotten enough rain through the past 2 weeks that they have lifted the water and burn bans for our county.

Jayne and you could both send some of the wet stuff our way, but keep the destructive away.

I am sorry to hear about your daughter's loss of her horse. It must be hard on her. Loosing an animal so unexpectedly is sometimes harder than knowing in advance. In return, I know that you are hurting for her over her loss. Wish that there was an easy way to ease that loss and hurt.

I am glad though, that your damage has been minimal at most compared to some other areas that are also getting bad weather. Just don't overdo it on helping with the clean up. You already have enough on your plate right now.

Angel ^j^

RE: Been off line due to Friday's tornado - Still in Limbo - 05-10-2009

I'm Sorry for the Loss of Your Daughter's Horse, and I'm Happy that You are All Well!! Hopefully You only have the Water in the Basement, You have enough going on, without Tornado's Hitting You!! Be Well, and Welcome Back!!Smile

RE: Been off line due to Friday's tornado - MJC - 05-10-2009

First and formost I am so happy to hear that all of you are alright.....praise God. I am saddened that your daughter lost her horse from this weather. A horse I can't begin to imagine as my father trained race horses and I have been around horses for a large part of my life. This really saddens me and please give your daughter a hug for me. Tkae care, God Bless and happy y'all are alright. Love ya!

Cajun Hugssssssssss,

RE: Been off line due to Friday's tornado - Bummer Knees - 05-10-2009

Thank you all. Kept waking up last night, just knew the power was going go out again, laughing.

Tree trimming crews and the power company crews are here from accross the mid-west and have been working 24/7. I will never complain about my electric bill again.

The last power outage we had was 10 days, that when we purchased the generator.

Hope to findout today it there will be school tomorrow. I believe the school my son goes to has gotten their electricity back. The High School where my daughter & niece attend has heavy storm damage, don't know what the district will do. My daughter only has 2 days of finals left and then she will graduate from high school.

RE: Been off line due to Friday's tornado - sparkey - 05-11-2009

So sorry to hear of the loss of your daughters horse. Be thankful you have that generator. It took my husband and I many years living in this wooded area to smarten up and buy a generator , and not until we got hit by a tornado did we buy one. We always said we were going to and then we would not.

I am so thankful now to have it. Just remember all is safe and things can be replaced, but lives cannot. Be thankful for what we have. Ooops...have to go....that darn robin is back at my door. Have to turn on the owl to scare him away..LOL.

RE: Been off line due to Friday's tornado - Lilly - 05-11-2009

Awwww....I'm so very sorry your daughter lost her horse. Being a horse person myself...I know how devestating it is. Bury him near, and plant flower bulbs to mark his grave. Give your daughter a hug for me.
Was it due to lightening strike?

I'm glad the rest of your family is all safe and sound .

Take care. Lilly