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Tornado watch & warnings - Bummer Knees - 04-26-2009

Our area of the state is getting hit by tornados & thunderstorm today.

We have already had one tornado warning with a tornado that passed by just west of us.

Now we are under a tornado watch until sometime tonight.
The storm that is comming our way has hail 4' in diamater.

Halftrak is close to these storms and I am worried aabout her.

Halftrak if you are reading this please let us know how you are doing.

Bummer Knees

RE: Tornado watch & warnings - bronco54501 - 04-26-2009

wow you guys take some cover if you are in that path 4in hail will do some damage.

RE: Tornado watch & warnings - Bummer Knees - 04-26-2009

I am watching the weather and there is a tornado on the ground on Ridge Road in West Wichita.

That is an hour from me so I am safe.

My brother and sister-in-law live near the corner where where tornado damage has been reported.

RE: Tornado watch & warnings - jayne - 04-26-2009

geez Lady how much longer till the storms are past you? these spring storms seem to be really fast and furious this year

RE: Tornado watch & warnings - halftrak - 04-27-2009

bummer, I wasn't online too much last night, saturday night we had several tornado warnings,I kept going from the front of my house to the back of my house to check out the sky.Last night the sky was so dark it was unreal.My mom only lives about 2 miles from me and the sirens were going off in her area.More rain heading this way again today.Everyone stay safe with these storms.

RE: Tornado watch & warnings - sparkey - 04-27-2009

Please stay safe and take cover. Make sure to have a camera nearby if at all possible. If you choose to take pictures make sure you are out of harms way. I really wish when the tornado hit our home that we had our security camera set up to view how it came in and tore the 9 acres apart. Now that would of been something to view. Just stay safe is all I ask.

RE: Tornado watch & warnings - MJC - 04-27-2009

I pray that those of you that are in the paths of these storms will be alright. Please keep us posted if you are able. God be with all of you.

Cajun Hugssssssssss,

RE: Tornado watch & warnings - Lilly - 04-27-2009

Take care BK and halftrak..or anyone in harms cover and stay there!
We want you to stay safe, sound, and always around us!


RE: Tornado watch & warnings - jayne - 04-27-2009

I am eagerly awaiting the storms due her today.............I hope they will clear the air and drop the uggggggggg feeling in my joints

RE: Tornado watch & warnings - Bummer Knees - 04-27-2009

We had storms until about 5:00 this morning.

Roads are flooded this morning and most school buses are not running.

I had to take my niece to school this morning since the bus she rides was unable travel due to high water. If the rain continues today we will again be flooded in.

The town of El Dorado east of here has major flooding with the schools being closed.
The home I grew up in is under water and my be a total loss. My dad built this home and lived there there for over 45 years.

Still waitting to hear from family in west wichita to see if they have any tornado damage.