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RE: Spinal Cord Stimulator - AQA - 04-23-2009

I have a SCS. I have had since 12-07. I am not back to work. My injury has left me with pemanent nerve damage. I do not regret having it, it helps me get through the day. It helps to the point that I can go to school and pay attention without the pain inteferring. Keep in mind that the SCS is nt a fix all cure. Meaning, even thou I have one I still have to take my meds. I hope that helps.

Take Care

RE: Spinal Cord Stimulator - Cervical_Fusion - 04-23-2009

I to have a SCS. I went back to work with mine. I am currently not working, but my not working has to do with my first WC claim. Does not involve the claim with the SCS. I am still taking a lot of meds. for break thru pain. I have a lot of nerve damage in my back and legs. I spoke to the Ortho yesterday about my SCS, he wanted to know how it was working for me, I let him know that originally I got a warm fuzzy feeling in my legs and back, but that has now turned into a cold freezing feeling in my legs and feet. He said that was from the nerve damage in my back. Only suggestion he had for me was to dress in warmer clothing. I hate layers of clothing, can't wait for summer heat so i can shed clothing and hope to get to a point where I am not constantly freezing all the time. I hate to see my gas bill each month I sit with the fire place on all day to just try and stay warm.

RE: Spinal Cord Stimulator - Tony890 - 01-27-2019

(04-22-2009, 09:28 AM)peanut222 Wrote: I was hurt at work last year L5-S1 had surgery last June. Went thru PT and had shots nothing worked. Am on Lyrica and Ultram I had gotten a Tens unit last month and that helps some. Now pain doc is talking about SCS I am seriously going to check it out have a doc appt tomorrow morning to talk about having a trial with it. I am wanting to go back to work I am a truck driver. I live in Maine but the work comp is out of Mo.Just wondering if anyone has success with SCS enough to back to work.

Thank You

I had it done it relieves some pain but not all I would say it helped about 60% . From were I started I couldn't sit or walk for more than 20minutes at a time . Had to spend most of my time laying done . Now I can walk a little longer and sit but not at 100% . The stimulator is only a system to help with the pain not a cure. I still haven't been able to return to work do to the pain.