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RE: Lumbar Fusions Input Needed - MJC - 05-04-2009

Bad Boy,
Thanks for your input. I do understand what you are saying. my very first back surgery I was told 14 years prior that I would eventually need the back surgery and that I would know it. Well, that was very true as I did continue on in my life and it was 14 years later I was begging for someone to get me out of the pain I was in. I did have the surgery and it gave me my life back. I re-injured it at work when I fell in 1999 and have had 3 more back surgeries since my first in in 1991. It has been downhill since. Thanks again and I can and will relate to what you advised. God bless and love ya.

Cajun Hugssssssssss,

RE: Lumbar Fusions Input Needed - Keeping the faith - 05-17-2009

In responce if any one out their has had this surgery Yes I have! I had it in June of 2007. I want to say "Good Luck" I hope all goes well! The surgery was my second and more difficult than my first. I was in the hospital for four days. After surgery I went home to recover. For me it was'nt so easy. I could not bend for three months, and walking was difficult. My Dr. said" Walking was the best form of therapy. So I had to grind my teeth and deal with it! Thank God for true friends. You will need and good support system and help. I hope you are blessed with family and friends. Pain on the other hand was dealt with meds! Nerve Pain is still present and my back is still a issue. I tried all conservative treatment before opting for surgery. I suffered with the pain and could not walk or bare it, surgery was my last option. We are all different so hang in there and keep the faith!

RE: Lumbar Fusions Input Needed - waiting in pain - 05-20-2009

Bad Boy Bad Boy Wrote:I have just only one thing to add.

Is you must measure out your quality of life. Then at that point, you and only you can say is surgery the answer.

I had done that with my knee replacement issue. It took 15 years before I finally begged a Ortho surgeon to do it. And I do mean I begged.

I had L4-S1 fused in 1998 was without pain or problem till reinjured at work in 2007 now am looking at more surgery do to L3 herniation and possble L4-L5 problems from accident. I would do my surgery all over again because I know that it helped my healing after first surgery seemed to be fast but I am one that does not like to sit home need to be on the go. I believed that is what helped the first time. So I hope you make a good decision it is yours and one you cut even when I had my first operation my Doc said nothing is ever garenteed. Good luck,hope all goes well.