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Lumbar Fusions Input Needed - MJC - 04-22-2009

I am awaiting to have a 2 level fusion at L4-5 and L5-S1 with screws, plates and rods. I am looking for your experiences that anyone has had with this type of surgery. Not only experiences are welcome but opinions are welcome also. I would appreciate any input from anyone that wishes to share their stories with me. I pray I will get some responses from any of you on this forum. Without our sharing of experiences and opinions to help each other, this forum would not be needed and it is very important for the injured workers. We are so fortunate to have this place to come to for info and support. This forum has been a wonderful place for me for many years now. Thanks in advance for any responses and God Bless.

Cajun Hugsssssssssssss,

RE: Lumbar Fusions Input Needed - hurt at work - 04-22-2009

MCJ is fused from S-1-L3 and mine went well healed fast,until the S-1 nerve got crushed buy scare tissue and i will lose my legs in the future because of this.I can tell you it is painful after the surgery and the best thing you can do is walk as much as you can handle it will help keep the muscles loose,so walk as much as you can several time a day.I was up on my own the first day walking the hall ways and the nurses about fell over when they seen see walking around with out any one forcing me.I wish you well and back on your feet fast.

RE: Lumbar Fusions Input Needed - AQA - 04-23-2009

Hello MJC,

10-05, L5-S1 fused with harware. The fusion allowed me me to walk again. I consicider it a sucess. I have other meidal issues related to the spine, but I can walk. I was in the hospital for about six days. The worst part was when they took me off the morphine. That was taken care of with pills for about two days and then the severe pain was gone. The healing time for the first part was about six months. The bone graph take time to grow and fuse the vertabre together. It took about a year before it actually fused.

Once the surgery is over and you are home. (provided you heal as I did) With in a few days you will be up and about. The bordum will cause that. I think it took me about two days before I walked down the street to talk with a friend.

I hope the info helps.

RE: Lumbar Fusions Input Needed - MJC - 04-27-2009


RE: Lumbar Fusions Input Needed - jayne - 04-27-2009

cant help you lady they refused to do mine because I produce to much scar tissue

RE: Lumbar Fusions Input Needed - Cycler - 04-27-2009

While helpful for a small minority of cases of fracture or grade II or greater slippage with nerve injury, Lumbar fusions are the new radical mastectomy. The data does not support it's use for chronic low back pain due to Degenerative disc disease as there is no evidence that patients experience and substantial functional improvement post fusion and ample data that a second surgery will be necessary within ten years or so.

The evidence based guidelines say not to do them for back pain.

RE: Lumbar Fusions Input Needed - Still in Limbo - 04-27-2009

I Agree with Cycler 100% on this One MJC! You and I have been Friends for a While Now, and I would Never try and Over Talk Your Dr., but I will Share with You My Last Visit to My PM Dr., and Maybe it will give You Something to think about! This Visit was last Week, as You know I Produce Massive Scar Tissue, and My S1 Nerve Root is Crushed and Encapsulated in that Scar Tissue on My Right Side. My Spine is also kind of "Fused" to MY S1 Nerve on the Right, because where they Removed the Half of My Disc that Blew, the Scar Tissue filled up that Area in My Spine, and Attached itself to My S1 Nerve, so every Time I Swing My Right Leg, it Pulls on My S1 Nerve, and Inflames not Only the Nerve, but also the Crushed Nerve Root. And You also know that Lately My Pain has Increased Dramatically, and I am not getting Sleep. I brought these Changes Up to My Dr., and She Understood Exactly what I was Speaking about, I also have Retrolethesis, and She Mentioned that My Arthritic Changes have also been Dramatic due to My Injury, and Lack of Movement. We Discussed 2 Options: First a Fusion on the Left of My Spine in the Lumbar Region to try and Give Me Some Stability there, or try and get Me More Sleep, and See if that Helps My Body to Regenerate a Bit, and Help with the Change in Pain. She was in Total Agreement with me that Due to My Arthritic Changes, and My Scar Tissue Issue, a Fusion would be a 50/50 Shot at Best, and would Probably not Help the Pain, but if the Fusion would Take, which She Felt it wouldn't, would Only Help with the Stability of My Lower Spine, not the Pain. I Chose not to get Cut Again, I don't Honestly think I could Handle the Pain of the Surgery along with the Pain I now have, and have to Deal with a Possible Scar Tissue Issue on the Left Side! We have both Decided, as She has Written in Red Across My 3 File Folders, (NO SURGERY UNLESS A LIFE OR DEATH SITUATION") I Hope this Helps You on Your Decision, but I do Agree Totally with Cycler, I don't think it's going to Help Your Pain. Be Well My Friend, and I Hope the Decision You Make is the Right One for You!!Wink

RE: Lumbar Fusions Input Needed - MJC - 04-30-2009

I appreciate the responses I received on this info.

Lord, yes, I do remember all the problems scar tissue has caused you. In fact it is the scar tissue that has you in the horrible condition you are in and will be in for life. God, my heart hurts so badly for you. You are such a wonderful human being I just wish I could take on your pain also so that you could live pain free. Your friendship on here has meant the world to me and if I could do that believe me, I would take it from you. I always appreciate the advice you give me and I am going to seriously consider your scar tissue situation when discussing this surgery more with my neurosurgeon. With all the surgeries I have had, and you know that has been many I feel I have been blessed. I have not had issues with scar tissue being a problem for me. Thank you so much for the info and advice. You know I value what you have to say. God Bless you and luv ya.

Cajun Hugsssssssssss,

RE: Lumbar Fusions Input Needed - Still in Limbo - 05-01-2009

Thanks for the Kind Words MJC, and I do Believe You would Take My Pain if You Could!! You are a Great Person, and I Hope Your Decision brings You Many Pain-Free Days!! My Very Best, and Please let me know what You Decide!!Wink

RE: Lumbar Fusions Input Needed - Bad Boy Bad Boy - 05-03-2009

I have just only one thing to add.

Is you must measure out your quality of life. Then at that point, you and only you can say is surgery the answer.

I had done that with my knee replacement issue. It took 15 years before I finally begged a Ortho surgeon to do it. And I do mean I begged.