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newest update - buildergirl1973 - 03-11-2009

woohoo today i got the staples out of my ankle! i go back to the dr in 3 weeks, so i'm still out of work for now. my ankle is still pretty weak. i'll be going to the gym daily to try to get my strength back.

i also saw an attorney today, it was kind of scary since i've never had one before, but i figured it was time. the dr said i will have a disability rating and it will never be back to normal. hopefully i made a wise decision.

RE: newest update - jayne - 03-12-2009

keep on trying to get back to normal as possiable

RE: newest update - Lilly - 03-12-2009

Good Luck to you Buildergirl!
It sounds as if you are "Over the hump" and are on the road to recovery!!


RE: newest update - backache - 03-13-2009

Best of luck Hun.