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More Wedding Pics - red1030 - 03-02-2009

[attachment=334] This is Del and I walking down the isle ...we began the walk.. we were happy... it was a nice wedding

[attachment=333] This is me and Linda

RE: More Wedding Pics - red1030 - 03-02-2009

[attachment=335] This is Chris and Sophie doing their first dance as man and wife
[attachment=336] this is all my grand daughters in their wedding dresses Love Red

RE: More Wedding Pics - red1030 - 03-02-2009

[attachment=337] this is Alexia walking down the isle isn't she beautiful in her dress ..well she is always beautiful even with mud on her nose lol

[attachment=338] This is Chris and Sophia after the wedding entering their limosine and we are all throwing rice....

RE: More Wedding Pics - vickinat - 03-02-2009

Beautifull pics, thank you for sharing.

RE: More Wedding Pics - red1030 - 03-02-2009

[attachment=339] this is all the girls being very patient while an hour and a half wedding ceremony is taking place. There were only three potty breaks...hehehehe

RE: More Wedding Pics - buildergirl1973 - 03-02-2009

thanks for sharing you beautiful pictures. maybe now you can get a little rest! take care

RE: More Wedding Pics - jayne - 03-02-2009

very very have every right to be proud

RE: More Wedding Pics - Babebahn - 03-02-2009

Beautiful pictures! Everyone looks so happy and having fun!

RE: More Wedding Pics - monster - 03-03-2009

How come I can't see them??? Sad Poor, poor monster cannot see the pretty pics Sad

RE: More Wedding Pics - sparkey - 03-03-2009

I am on my new mini Netbook and cannot view them either. Maybe there is a setting we need to download?