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RE: Question about W2 while on WC - sparkey - 02-15-2009

Did you ever get a nurse case manager assigned to you? Just curious as they follow you around to your doctor appointments and do anything they can to get you back to work. Mine went so far as to make up a job at my work to have me just sit and be a room monitor for people waiting for their doctor and to see how long it was before they seen them. It is very tough to find light duty for a person that has a injury to their dominant hand, but they found one.

What was your job at the time of injury? Nothing says you cannot find a job within your restrictions if your employer does not let you back.

RE: Question about W2 while on WC - cumminstd06 - 02-15-2009

what is a PIR settlement ?

RE: Question about W2 while on WC - Still in Limbo - 02-16-2009

From what I understand PIR Means Permanent Injury Rating. You say You have Blown through Your Savings and such,, which I Totally Understand, but aren't You Collecting any Monies from w/c for Wage Replacement while You've been Off?

P.S- Your State would Help the Folks on Here Greatly to Help with Your Questions, w/c is State Specific. We're not PI's trying to Figure Who You are and Where You Live, just other Injured Workers trying to Help!!

RE: Question about W2 while on WC - Manley2 - 02-16-2009

My work had a department called rehab for years where they would stick people with restrictions. They got rid of it around a month ago but some employees had been in that department for years, one was in it for somewhere around 15 years.

RE: Question about W2 while on WC - ace25 - 02-16-2009

1) As Still has mentioned several times, we really need to know what state you are in. Otherwise you are wasting everyones time.

2) When you are changing ballasts and bulbs (I am thinking flourescent), are you on a ladder? How can you do that without using your left arm? Is that still within your restrictions?

3) If you are working, it generally does not matter whether it is payroll or 1099. Still is correct, you need to report any work activity producing income to the WC insurer. To fail to disclose that, or intentionally leave it off any income statements you have to sign, could constitute fraud. I am not saying that is what is happening, but you need to understand that as you move forward.

Now, what state are you in?

RE: Question about W2 while on WC - Bad Boy Bad Boy - 02-16-2009

If your Billing someone for work performed by you, that is self-employment.

RE: Question about W2 while on WC - bronco54501 - 02-16-2009


For god sake tell us the state you are in, -----were just tring to help. If for some reason you neglected to tell them, fess up and clear it up before it gets worse. I dont know if you r still collecting wc checks but be carefull----restrictions are no heavy lifting of left arm more then 5 pounds and limited or no use of left arm. They find out your climbing ladders they will turn it all around on you. But on the other hand if I have taken it all wrong, and you have not worked you may be entitled to more funds from not being able to do both jobs.

RE: Question about W2 while on WC - cumminstd06 - 02-16-2009

I live in PA

RE: Question about W2 while on WC - Still in Limbo - 02-16-2009

Thank You!!! I'm from Pa., and All of the Info. I have given You is Current and Correct!! And Trust Me, if You even Mention You can Change those Bulbs with One Hand, You'll be Out of the System so Fast Your Head will Spin!! Set Tight, and do Nothing, and get an Attorney Fast!! You still haven't Mentioned if you are Receiving Weekly or bi-Weekly Payments from w/c. You have to be Upfront with Us if You want Our Help, We are Injured Workers trying to Help each Other, and it's Very Frustrating when We have to Play 20 Questions to be able to Help! Mr.Belt on Here is a w/c Attorney from Pa., and a Dam* Good One in My Book, PM Him and see if He is in Your Area, and can Help You!! See how much Info. You can get if You just be Upfront!!Wink

RE: Question about W2 while on WC - cumminstd06 - 02-16-2009

Yes I'm getting bi-weekly payments from the insurance company.

You said Mr Belt is an Attorney how do I contact him ? Thanks