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hey guys - sweet tooth - 01-25-2009

hey guys sorry but my internet is down skeeters got me out riding on someone elses so dont be worrying about me im fine (not to good of mood ) but fine maybe two more days before they get me going again im having withdrawals without you all love all sweets

RE: hey guys - Tuffy - 01-25-2009

So there you are, You have been missed, The things some people will do to get there hubbys to take them out ROFL.

RE: hey guys - Bummer Knees - 01-25-2009

Missed you Sweets!

RE: hey guys - sweet tooth - 01-26-2009

IM BACK!! WHATS been happening ? jayne im lost where my words are concerned or is the game over? did i see you have bad weather coming your way ? how do you catch up when your gone for a while? i feel lost

RE: hey guys - jayne - 01-26-2009

you are fine sweet I kept up for you and will pm you the words you still need

RE: hey guys - sweet tooth - 01-26-2009

thanks dear