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RE: Valentine's Day Party - CARaven - 01-25-2009

Iam with tuffy!!! Please bring a cover up for mine Cap.. LOL

RE: Valentine's Day Party - red1030 - 01-25-2009

Cap....I need you all have fun, I have a camera...hehehehe love Red

RE: Valentine's Day Party - Tuffy - 01-26-2009

Red we can fix ya up with red sweats covered with white hearts.........ROFL

RE: Valentine's Day Party - CARaven - 01-26-2009

Red, bring the camera!!! Remember the movie "Calender Girls"? If they can do it so can we. We just need to come up with a catchy name for our calendar. Think anyone would pay good money to buy it? roflmao

RE: Valentine's Day Party - CARaven - 01-26-2009

[Image: 16ghjyr.jpg]

RE: Valentine's Day Party - capricorn - 01-26-2009

Ok girls ...I need cover too so I am liking Tuffy's idea. Red sweats with hearts all over. Sounds good to me. Although..........I also like CARavan's idea. ANyone up to some lingeries and posing for a calendar. Who were the group of older women who actually did pose for a nude calendar for some charity. Anyone remember?


RE: Valentine's Day Party - jayne - 01-26-2009

not me everything and I mean everything is going south for the winter