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Valentine's Day Party - Tuffy - 01-23-2009

Smile Ok everyone it is time to plan a party, How about A Valentine's Day Affair????? We need a spot to hold it where it is warm. Ask A Nurse is footing the bill for this one. So join in the fun. And you all may have the day off or if good maybe the whole week. You pick the spot and I as the boss will supply the transportation. Motor home, sail boat, Raft, Bus, etc.

RE: Valentine's Day Party - sweet tooth - 01-23-2009

how about st augustine fl since its such a romantic place maybe we could have a game to see who gets a free horse and buggie ride ,

RE: Valentine's Day Party - red1030 - 01-23-2009

How about crater lake, since many of you have never seen it and it is the most spectacular sight you will ever is so large and so far down that if you fall of the clift into the water, they have never found the bottom so no one has ever lived to tell of their adventure... even though it can be scary with children, it is so beatiful up there surround by large sky high douglas fir trees. There is a lot of camp sites and forest rangers up there... the fire tower is find to go see... there are elk, some moose but few, lots of antelope and large east Oregon mule deer. There is a greasely or two and lots of black bear. I saw a cougar there and a mountain lion once, but as my dad says, just stay out of their sight always... love Red

RE: Valentine's Day Party - CARaven - 01-23-2009

Red, Crater Lake Oregon is the one spot my boyfriend wants to ride his Harley to this summer. Says hes going with or without me? Ive heard it is beautiful. I need to see how far it is from us. I might be able to make it if we take our time and stop alot. Before I was hurt, we took a ride up to Lake Tahoe, that also is a beautiful lake, and has some nice casino's for those who gamble...

Red, could you recommend a decent hotel/motel to stay at? I was just going to check on line.

RE: Valentine's Day Party - Bummer Knees - 01-24-2009

A game?

I bet Bad Boy would like spin the bottle.

RE: Valentine's Day Party - red1030 - 01-24-2009

CARaven, there are not any motels too close by, but there is one lodge at Crater Lake and there is one at Diamond Lake which is only about 20 miles from Crater Lake. Diamond Lake is only about 35 miles from Glide going down the mountain towards Roseburg which is where my parents and daughter live. Roseburg is about 20 more miles west from Glide. Of course in Roseburg there are lots of choices but nothing too special just plain motels etc. The other direct, going east, are a couple small towns with just plain motels. We always camped up there and so I am not familiar with any motels per say. If you keep going, I would say about 40-50 more miles from crater lake, you will run in to BEND Oregon which is the fastest growing city in the US right now. It has a lot of motels/hotels. If you really want to stay around crater lake and Diamond lake however, I would recommend one of the lodges. It has been years but I have stayed at Diamond Lake lodge as I worked there in the summer before I got married as a waitress in the lodge and it was nice. Diamond Lake ismore on the order of Lake Tahoe but there are no gamgling that I know of. The Indian reservations around there may have one now, as they have sprung up all over the place in the past 15 years. I left oregon in 1990 and have not returned as of yet to live. I lived there until I was 33 years of age. Good luck Caraven, take lots of pictures and I will help you get this on here to show everyone how beautiful it is. Love Red

RE: Valentine's Day Party - Tuffy - 01-24-2009

St Augistine (sp) sounds like fun. It would be warm, What is the weather like at Crater Lake this time of year? I, like many others have cabin fever and want to be somewhere warm. I am stocking up on heart candies, and of course we will need LITTLE TINY UMBRELLAS for our drinks. What kind of games Jayne? seeing you are in charge of them. LOL. The sun is shining, come on get happy.

RE: Valentine's Day Party - AQA - 01-24-2009

We would need some kind of security. I will bring my dogs. The big guy weighs 145# and his sister weighs 70#. If any investigators or adjusters show up. She will catch them and he will finish them.

PS spin the bottle sound like fun.

RE: Valentine's Day Party - Tuffy - 01-24-2009

Oh good we have Jayne in charge of games, AQA has security, I will supervise and just sit back and relax, ( what I do Best) Who will be in charge of the carrage and horse??????

RE: Valentine's Day Party - AQA - 01-24-2009

Hey Tuffy, Did tou say carrage or carnage????? LOL