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RE: Judge's order is in - hurt at work - 01-24-2009

have the docs be to the point about ur conditions,because the rehab people need to know everything so they dont push you into a job you cant do or hurt ur self doing.

RE: Judge's order is in - Bummer Knees - 01-24-2009


There likely will be no rehab offered.
Legislatures made changes a couple of years ago in Kansas making it the insurance company's choice iif they select to provide rehab.

Most select not to.

RE: Judge's order is in - Bad Boy Bad Boy - 01-24-2009

Bummer, an issue of who is going to send the IME doctor your Medical Reports is very important here.

Most likely your nerve conduction test won't be in those reports. So you would need to bring a copy of this report with you and supply it to the IME. I would try to have this test done before you see the IME. If you must, I would inform the doctor's your seeing right now of how important this test is, and see if they will agree to let you take this test.

Since this IME is going to be performing a court order Exam on several body parts. I would find all your Medical Reports, all your MRI's, all X-ray's, all Cat Scans, and all those reports. Get them as copies, and supply ever scrap peice you possibly can to this IME.

Never trust all your reports and films will be sent to the IME, for the ones left out, might be the ones that lead to good report.

RE: Judge's order is in - Bummer Knees - 01-24-2009

I understand what you are saying, a year ago I went to an IME and the doctor had no medical records at the time of the exam.

Thr last MRI/contrast I had was August 07. THe last medical treatment I had for my back was Oct 07.

Do I need to look at having another MRI or will the EMG be enough?

RE: Judge's order is in - Bad Boy Bad Boy - 01-24-2009

EMG you would be best have with you.

Your past MRI's and such will have to do, so make sure you bring them and the reports. X-rays also.

Then, if the IME wants more current Data, they can order it up for you.

Most important;

Current Medical reports to these body parts;

Your daily Log, on what you use to be able to do and perform, Verse you now, as what you can and can't do;

Your full list of all medications Prescribed, even the ones you should take yet you don't; Tongue

Don't offer information that you won't or don't take certain medications;

Don't offer information as to who or what is at fault, but offer when problems started after this or that;

I must say, I would bring a person with you to the IME. Ask your Attorney if they would hire a Nurse to go with you this time, for this is the most important part that your whole case will become now. Advise your attorney to have the Nurse take full notes to what takes place, and all films and reports that are read and seen. View Films with the IME doctor and such.

I say use extreme (Caution) this time also. As this may be a time that you will be watched from the time you leave your house, and the IME office. Do not stop anywhere to shop or eat, just go there, and go back home.

RE: Judge's order is in - Bummer Knees - 01-24-2009

Thanks BB I have printed you post.

RE: Judge's order is in - Bad Boy Bad Boy - 01-24-2009

Your welcome Bummer. I just pray all goes very well for you. I pray you also get the proper medical treatment coming, and a proper settlement in time to come.

I also pray, you some day take your med's...TongueBig GrinCool

RE: Judge's order is in - Lilly - 01-24-2009

WOW BBBB, if ever I have a complicated issue....I'm PM-ing you my friend!

Take care Bummer, cover yer (Jayne's lame attempt to bypass the Bad Word Filter) good ! Prayers coming your way!


RE: Judge's order is in - Bummer Knees - 01-24-2009

Thats why we call him the Godfather!

RE: Judge's order is in - Bummer Knees - 01-26-2009

I spoke with my friend, the injured nurse and she has agreed to go with me to the IME, if the date works out for her.

This is a RN that worked at the same hospital (until she was injured)
with the ortho doing the IME.

My friend is highly thought of my hospital staff and was well treated after her injury.