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My Slip & Fall Claim is Confusing To Me! - injuredchloe - 01-14-2009

I'm 54 yrs. old. I fell over broken concrete while at work 11/08. I broke my ankle, had surgery 1 week later after I had seen the WC surgeon. The diagnosis was fracture lateral malleoulus, medial malleoulus and posterior maddeoulus.
The 1st 3 weeks I was out of it after taking pain meds, giving myself shots every day, etc. Now that I've started feeling sem-normal again (3rd cast now with walking shoe) I have a few questions.
1. My employer gave me list of doctors.
2. My employer doesn't say much except they handle everything thru the 3rd pty administrator -Insurance Co
3. I have been receiving weekly checks state of GA
What happens as my case goes on? My employer just recently brought me back to inside work, light duty, taking ph cls which is ok but
long-term I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING. How long does my case continue? Do I need an attorney? Do I still receive $ while working light duty? Co-workers tell me don't sign off... What does that mean?[/font][/color][/size]. Is it my right to call the insurance co?

RE: My Slip & Fall Claim is Confusing To Me! - jayne - 01-14-2009

ok as long as you are following your restrictions be glad your employer is working with you many on here find them selfs hurt and no job to can call a lawyer for your own peace of mind if you want but remember once hes on the case he gets a % of your money.....if your not getting work or a temp disabilty check ,or for some reason you dont think you are getting the care you need to get better from the IC then you see a lawyer.Read all your laws then ask around there are several on here from Ga that may steer you better or towards a good lawyer......WC pays for lost wages and doc and med bills only not pain and suffering so there is no big payout.......several on here with broken ankles.....try the off topics

RE: My Slip & Fall Claim is Confusing To Me! - 1171 - 01-14-2009

Read the handbook,2094,11394008_40869036,00.html
if you still have questions or the information isn't clear come back and we'll try to help.

RE: My Slip & Fall Claim is Confusing To Me! - jayne - 01-14-2009

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 1171, careful its starting to beat

RE: My Slip & Fall Claim is Confusing To Me! - buildergirl1973 - 01-14-2009

hi, welcome to the forum. i too have a ankle injury in ga. i injured mine in april of 2003. recently had more surgery sept 2008. as far as your light duty, if you are receiving same rate of pay before your injury, your checks stop. as far as your co workers saying not to sign off, they are probably saying not to settle medical. alot of cases don't have settlements. when my ankle started bothering me again i asked if i could go back to the dr. they(employer) set up my app and got it approved by wc. wc is paying medical but they were not responsible to pay me (this time) for my time off work. there's a 2 yr statute of limitations for that. good luck!