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backpay ssdi screwup - halftrak - 06-20-2007

Has anyone ever got approved for ssdi and then found out they screwed up on your back pay and benefits?It happened to me.The ssdi judge put down that I was still on workman's comp for the last year. I stopped receiving workman's comp in may of 06. Anyways they still owe me backpay and the correct paperwork was sent to the processing center the 3rd week of may, I called and checked and was told they are working on it.They have to refigure everything.Do they still have 60 days to get it done?Or am I wrong in thinking that?Any opinions guys? thanks, halftrak

RE: backpay ssdi screwup - beecatcher - 06-20-2007

Hi Halftrak, Have you talked to the people at the 800 # or the ones in your area? You should call the 800 # on your paperwork. It will probably take them the 60 days since they do have to go back and refigure since May 06. Did you get a check for any back pay? Are you getting your monthly checks? I know that it sucks when errors are made but at least this way you have something to look forward and will probably have it by July. Hope you treat yourself to something good. Good Luck


RE: backpay ssdi screwup - capricorn - 06-21-2007

Hi Halftrak.....My husband's was messed up by SSD. Still not fixed. All of his WC paperwork for his settlement was done properly and worded properly. Someone at SSD calculated his backpay wrong. We're waiting for an answer to see IF he owes anything back. He may/may not.