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RE: 17 years and still not settled - California_Help - 03-01-2016

What state are you in?

RE: 17 years and still not settled - Electraglide13 - 03-01-2016

I have a bad infection in my jaw bone do to my injury and have been left with out any treatment going on five year's now . My so called adjuster will not take call's. can't get an attorney it has been to long they say.

RE: 17 years and still not settled - 1171 - 03-02-2016

you might get more help if you start your own thread.

RE: 17 years and still not settled - RootsGal - 03-04-2016

(11-13-2008, 09:13 PM)tombstonekid Wrote: Just found this group and thought I'd post my horror story.  Original injury in California in 1990...took a divet out of my knee cap in the back.  Second time I hurt it in 1991 when I tripped over the computer cords that my employer had put across the doorway.  6 surgeries and I'm still not able to work full time, nor have any quality of life.  Having more problems now and back seeing the doc here in Arizona (been here for 7 years).  Going to do the injections again.  They worked (hyalgon) for a few years, but don't have much hope they will do the trick again.

Everyone says I'm too young for a knee replacement (only 56), but others say it's the quality of life that matters.  Would just like to be able to walk down the bank of the stream and do some trout fishing; backpack into the Sierra Nevada's again; play a pain free round of golf and be able to walk the course; have passionate sex with my husband again.

The real kicker is....according to "the schedule" my knee is only worth $9,870.00!  Can't even support myself and haven't been able to do so since 1993.  Insurance company has paid me over $12,000 in permanent disability, so I owe THEM!!

How's THAT for a story!!
The Tombstone Kid

So, is this about money or care?
Everyone complains how bad their injury is, but most are quick to want to stip it out and grab some cash. If you are in that much pain and had that many surgeries, why would you want to stip your injury out?
Get your permanency rating money, and continue to let them pay for your medical bills.
Get your knee replacement, and get as healthy as you can.
Being healthy and pain free is worth more than money, imo.
The stip-money is never going to pay for a knee replacement if you so choose to go that route.
Those injections over time, will give you muscle atrophy.
Maybe you should get a SSD attorney instead of a WC attorney.
Then you can get SSD benefits (if you qualify) based on your work history without giving up you medical bills being paid.
If you can trek to a stream to go fishing then you can work, FYI.
Maybe the knee  replacement will make you "whole" so you can go back to full time work, that is not arduous.