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question on back stuff - Sithie - 06-12-2007

In a post to Ask the Expert, I had posted my back problems. Now, the skin on my back is getting exteremly sensitive, sometimes clothes hurt to toyouch it. I do not think it is the RSD. Has anyone else had this? Here is the link where I laid out my problems:

Also, what is a cervical headache?

Any help appreciated


RE: question on back stuff - jayne - 06-12-2007

a cervical headache is hell worse than a migrain and caused by the nerves in the neck being tightened or pinched as I am lucky enough to have both I can assure you you dont want either as for the skin thing thats been going on down my legs and butt and I cant stand a wrinkle in the sheets or jeans to touch them....I find I can wear loose cotton scrubs without pain as long as I wear the waist band nurd style (pulled up under my breast) the rest of the gang seems to feel fibromyaliga(sp) may be the problem

RE: question on back stuff - Bad Boy Bad Boy - 06-12-2007

Sithie, I know you have RSD, being so, you know what it can feel like. And how RSD can change the way it feels from time to time. This issue of clothes hurting is also a sign of RSD as should know. Touching, and such is another, very close to clothes.

Headaches, gosh, mostly mine start from the rear by the back along the top of the shoulder, and works it way up and around, depending on how long it last, or the muscles stay inflamed. Sometimes, I get the same effect that it will go to the side and past the ear also. Mostly caused by Muscle Tightness protecting the body nerves. Medical studies show Rubbing out the hard sore hurting spots of the muscles can help them to release, they showed me to take my thumb or finger, when I find the hurting area, and push on it (muscle) till it releases, sometimes have to push kind of hard, and you think you going to brake your thumb. They one time, had to use their elbow, for about 5 or 10 minutes appling pressure. Another one is, if you can't find a tight muscle, is to apply pressure to the roof of your mouth with your tongue, for as long as you can, release and do it again when you can, about 3 to 4 times, heard it works for Migrains also.