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please help - missmelody - 10-02-2008

my attorney send some papers for me wc-105 to fill out but he never answer my calls the only told his asst to tell me next trail date is 10/9 what will happen @ the court date this will be the 3rd time he will be in court for me and I dont know nothing i'm currently off work for back injury and no benefits yet I will I know when the judge makes his decision if my attorney never calls I,m 25 in MI who know anything about this I also has medical bills for this injury will my attorney find out about these bills i have faxed the copies to his office

RE: please help - jayne - 10-02-2008

call his office and ask for a set down talk with him now....Geez louise why do lawyers do this ....My lawyer was a good one for me sometimes one will be good for me but not you if that makes any sense...sometimes when I would call I would get his para legal and her answer was always I will ask him and get back to you......I asked for a set down and we set boundries....Its my life you are dealing with and I want to be part of it...I know you are busy but I am paying good money....I get an answer back within 24 hrs and a personal call once a week even if its to say no change He had no problem with that.....

RE: please help - 1171 - 10-02-2008

you can switch attys at anytime; there will be a single fee that will be shared. you can file a complaint with the state bar.
You need to find out about your state's work comp laws.

RE: please help - stiffnecked - 10-02-2008

I sure hope your showing up with the attorney for these court times. Don't just rely on him to spoon feed you. Get involved in your own case.