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daughter got married - halftrak - 09-17-2008

Well my second oldest girl got married yesterday, this is her second marraige and she is only 22 but got married pretty young(18) first marraige to a abusive guy, has been raising her 3 year old daughter for 2 years on her own, this guy is a great guy, I actually like him and he is good to her little girl and they are going to have another child together im March.Her plan is to go back to school she dropped out in her second year of college.She has been working in the accounting department at a casino for almost 2 years. Just asking you all to wish her luck this time around, I think she learned the hard way the first time but feel very good about her new marraige this time, he has a good job and has told her to quit her job so she can go back to school and get her degree.It was a very informal ceremony but will have something better later on. Thanks for being there for me and my family, you guys are great.Halftrak

RE: daughter got married - backache - 09-17-2008

My very wise Mom always said you can't change your past so leave it behind and embrace your future. Tell your daughter congrats on her marriage and the best of luck to their family................

RE: daughter got married - jayne - 09-17-2008

Give her our best and let her know she is in our prayers

RE: daughter got married - red1030 - 09-17-2008

halftrak.... understand the divorce and understand and can appreciate her thinking of her future. My oldest daughter went through the same thing..married at 20 and divorced at 25 due to abuse in the marriage... Then remarried in Los Vegas with a morning's notice for mom (me) who lives in NJ.... to a sweden citizen she met on line and he came, they spent a month together, BINGO ..married... no children from the first so that was good... but now we all enjoy our Victoria from the second. Wish her luck from us all....especially me Red

RE: daughter got married - halftrak - 09-17-2008

Thank you all so much,this daughter told me the other day she feels like she knows all you guys cause she is the one I talk to about all of you,I am always telling her what discussions we have had from one day or week to the next.I think she will do ok this time.I will tell her you all wished her well, Love Halftrak

RE: daughter got married - capricorn - 09-17-2008

Halftrak....congratulations and good thought to the happy couple. My prayers are with you and your family. It's so nice to hear of happiness brought into one of our families. God bless.


RE: daughter got married - Bummer Knees - 09-17-2008


Congratulations to your daughter & hubby.

RE: daughter got married - RNvic - 09-17-2008

Halftrak- Wish them the very best.

RE: daughter got married - monster - 09-18-2008

Congrats to your daughter and her new hubby. I wish them only the best and hope they have a long life together.

RE: daughter got married - Babebahn - 09-18-2008

Congratulations to your Daughter and her Husband and the future little one! May their married life be filled with Joy, Love, and Laughter!