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inaccurate reports - snowbear - 08-17-2008

Whenever I've received a copy of a report (from my doc, neurosurgeon, IME docs they have sent me to, the psychiatrist they sent me to, the FCE report, etc), I've written in the margins about ALL the inaccurate comments... and there are many!!! When someone is quoting what I say, shouldn't it be word for word instead of in their words??? For example, even though this example is petty sounding.....she said she can sit for 2 hours, when what I said was... I might be able to sit a couple hours. I know it sounds petty BUT... if they are going to use what is in the reports as gospel, shouldn't it be accurate??? And how do I get it corrected?? Who all do I send the corrections to?? I see at the bottom of the reports that wc sends to me it shows that a copy was sent to my doc, the employer, my wc file, etc. They claim to be professionals but they sure mess up their reports!!! In a report from the vocational assessment lady it states that I've owned my own business and that I said I'd like to own my own business again....WTF?? I've never owned my own company and I never said I wanted to either. The same report started using "he" said, "he" stated,...instead of "she"....makes me wonder if the dumb broad was even talking about me!!! Anyway, how do I fix this??

RE: inaccurate reports - sparkey - 08-17-2008

Personally the only thing you can do is next time you see the doctor, he/she dictates the office notes and someone types them out. Tell the doctor what has been happening and maybe they can be more careful about how they word things. It could be the way the doctor is dictating. At least start there.

RE: inaccurate reports - capricorn - 08-17-2008

Hi Snowbear.....Always a pleasure to see you. I have had the same problem. For instance my Dr. will prescribe demerol and write in his notes after my visit that he prescribed percocet. He always makes a mistake with which side is injured. Puts right shoulder and stead of left. In my first depo I was misquoted a couple of times and have also been in Dr.'s reports. I have made my attorney aware of this several times. When I asked him what to do IF/WHEN a Judge asked me a question about why I am saying this and my Dr. said that to just answer that I can't answer for my DR. It bothers me too but my attorney doesn't seem to think it's a biggie. My husband's claim was the same and he won and settled.Be well my friend. We don't see enough of you.


RE: inaccurate reports - RNvic - 08-17-2008

Snowbear, you can bring it to the doctors attention and ask for a corrected report with correct information. Some will do it and others will not. It is best if your doctor will do his dication while you are still there so you can correct it as he records it.

RE: inaccurate reports - capricorn - 08-17-2008

MAybe it's me but I have brought this problem to my Dr.s attention and my attorney's. Neither makes a big deal out of it. My Dr. does his dictaion while I'm there so there really is no excuse. His biggest mixups are sides of the body and drugs. I have an appt. with him Tuesday and it will probably be a problem appointment. I feel he has done nothing for me in the past year or so. I make all the decisions, get no ideas or help from him. He passed a comment last time I was there that he didn't want me to become addicted to narcotics. I don't even take them except on a very rare occassion that I can't walk. I take Tylenol3. He has repeatedly asked me if I want a prescription for Vicodin or Percocet and I have turned him down for 2 years. They wire me up and don't help the pain. Now what would make him think I am a pill seeker? Then said :Cant' you just suck it up". I thought that's what I've been doing for 2 1/2 years. Sucking it up. I certainly don't have a Dr. who actually practices PM. I am afraid to change Dr.s now because settlement talks are going on. He is a well respected Dr. in my area but I really think it's all about winning the case, not getting the patient any help. I am really disgusted and have told my attorney that I intend to call this Dr. on his offensiveness. He may very well ask me not to come back. Then I don't know what I'll do. Right now I feel as if I go in there once a month say hello, everything is the same and go home. Sad


RE: inaccurate reports - Bad Boy Bad Boy - 08-17-2008

Here the thing, it can be costly to do but it have to be done by Depo's.

If it's for work comp, that stuff can come out in the trail.

If it's for SSDI, then it's damaging to a certain extent. For SSDI don't usaully do Depo's.

I find Vocational work Rehab people to be some of the biggest liars on earth. They start out trying to act like that want to be your friend, and when your doing all that your required to do, and even more, and they can't get you employed. Instead of them being embarrased to the IC, they simply say your are not compling. That do that, because they don't want to lose their account with the IC.

Wait till I have a hearing, and Voc Rehab comes up, and I show them my Rehab lady never renewed her License. Then what good is any information pertaining to Voc rehab. There is none, and they must wash that out and never use it again.

RE: inaccurate reports - capricorn - 08-17-2008

BB>>>>We must have posted at the same timeTongue

That's basically what my attorney tells me. Discrepancies will come out IF we go to trial. I haven't gone through Voc Rehab BUT have PT's who like to lie. I had one right about the time my shoulder froze after his partner yanked it 2 weeks post surgery write in his notes to the Dr. that ROM was bad because the patient didn't want to move it due to pain. BS. I moved that sucker to the point of tears and me screaming. That's why I have so much damage in my shoulder now. The surgeon didn't even talk to me about it. Said my Rotator cuff had healed and he was releasing me. That was 5 months after surgery and over a year ago. Now I'm told I have permanent injuries in my shoulder none of which can be fixed or even helped. The WC system is a bunch of BS>


RE: inaccurate reports - snowbear - 08-17-2008

Hi Cap and all of you!!! Oh my gosh, I'm not the only one going through this!!! Cap, sounds like you and I have the same doc...same thing with mine about which side is injured. BadBoy, it is for both WC and SSDI. What ticks me off the most is that their "mistakes" can make us look like a liar and not credible....ugh!!! Like I've said before, my injuries are what they are, nothing less and nothing more. I've told the truth the entire time because that way I've never had to wonder what I told what to who....always has been my philosophy. And they call themselves wonder we all look like liars, I'm beginning to think we're the only ones being truthful. Also makes me wonder if that's part of the reason the SSDI judge turned me down for disability...even though his report didn't actually call me a liar, just someone who doesn't want to get better (because I was told to quit smoking and haven't) and the reason I don't want to get better.....drumroll........because I have a WC case pending and have much to gain....WTF!!! Yep, I'm going to be RICH, RICH, RICH...yeeeehawwww!!! As if!!!!! He surely hasn't dealt with many WC people has he!!! So, I'm appealing his decision so the snowbear continues to keep his (oops..her) nose on the ground for 6-12 more months...for the SSDI part anyway. I just "love" stress!!! UGH!!!!!!

RE: inaccurate reports - Bad Boy Bad Boy - 08-17-2008

There is another alternate route;

Called a medical Narative....Cool

In a narative, (there is a cost for this) you outline in your reports what your disputing, and what your questioning.

You make out or your Attorney makes out a simple list of questions, that are in the area your cases are having problems with. You should in my best opinion, also be seen by each doctor your asking a Narative from so question, and answers can be performed, along with a simple exam.

You pay for the narative or have the Attorney pay for it. Do not inform anyone else that your requesting the Narative. Then when the Narative comes, you and your Attorney (s) go over those naratives and figure out if it then clears anything up for you.

This is cheaper then a Depo. Yet still Doctor's charge for Naratives.

If then the Naratives are now favorable to you, your Attorney can share them with the IC and their Attorney. If the IC doesn't like the results which they won't, they will pay for the Depo and not you.

RE: inaccurate reports - snowbear - 08-19-2008

Thank you for the suggestions. I just really feel the need to have my records be accurate so I am going to do the medical narratives.