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Insomnia - halftrak - 07-23-2008

Can anyone sing me a lullabye, I am wide awake, PLeaseeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!I love it here you guys are so cool. Halftrak

RE: Insomnia - monster - 07-23-2008

Rock a bye baby
in the tree top
when the wind blows
our insurance will rock
as our bods break
sometimes we will fall
and down will come cradle
monster and all

If that doesn't put you to sleep I don't know what will sweetie, LOL

RE: Insomnia - sweet tooth - 07-23-2008

here is two sitting watching tv without a thought of sleep , whats that anyway ?
its plum lonely here sometimes

RE: Insomnia - RNvic - 07-23-2008

I would sing but it would not help you to sleep, I can't carry a tune even in a bucket, sorry hope sleep will come for all soon.

RE: Insomnia - red1030 - 07-23-2008

half trak del and I are just getting ready to have some Salmon for dinner and it is midnight here...does that tell you any thing about our sleeping habits...hehehehehe Red

RE: Insomnia - monster - 07-24-2008

salmon puppies...ickeeeee, lol

RE: Insomnia - red1030 - 07-24-2008 I didn't see a puppie....I saw a large piece of pink was delicious. King CRAB it is called...Red

RE: Insomnia - monster - 07-24-2008

salmon puppies...ickeee

Did you know crabs legs fall off when they freeze? I just saw it on Deadliest Catch, lol...ouchie!

Have I put you to sleep yet HT??? Smile