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Storms - RNvic - 07-12-2008

Hope all are staying dry. Started raing yesterday afternoon and still raining. Set up for a yard sale and now have to throw away most of it. The tents blew over last night and everything is wet. What fun for whole 30.00, broke my thumb in the process trying to start the lawn mower. Now have to wait to even clean it up as wind and rain continue.

Hope you all had a better week.


RE: Storms - hurt at work - 07-12-2008

hi vic
sorry to hear about ur thumb thats no in indiana its been raining about every dang day so much that it put the hutrs on my garden.we had hail not long ago that ripped my lettuc,ripped my corn leaves we got a pounding.well take care of that thumb.hurt

RE: Storms - sweet tooth - 07-12-2008

we have had a few showers but need so much more to catch up its hot and dry today the tv said rain today but he didnt know what he was talking about