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Life is filled with surprises - red1030 - 06-30-2008

Life is filled with mysteries and puzzles around us. Today I was feeling even more down about the castle trip because it is over and I miss everyone so much, and then I received a great pm from Jayne which lifted my spirits. I doubt however, that my loooonnnnnggggg winded one brought comfort to Jayne.

Then about 10 minutes after I wrote the pm to Jayne, fed ex arrived at my door. I received a very interesting package. Immediately I noticed it was from my old work place’s address, and then I opened it and found two packages. I opened the card first and found out that a few of my ex employees went together to send me a gift on my anniversary date, that I told my staff I would not return. Yes that date is today. I received a beautiful card stating that they miss and love me and that they will always remember me. Then I opened the first package and it was a picture in a frame that says:

Everyday Hero
The care you provide for so many brings comfort in times of need. Thanks for your dedication.

This is a common saying around nursing but the point is that they cared enough to remember me after 3 years. I think it is really nice and I will cherish it always.

The next package has a glass standing tall on a glass plate. On the glass plate there are roses and on the tall glass there is a saying.

For a Remarkable Person

Although many have touched the edges of my life, coming and going, scarcely leaving an impression…you are someone who has made a real difference in my life. I wanted you to know just how special you really are to me. Thank you.

I am completely humbled. I wanted to share with all of you, because of the magnitude of importance it is to me. When you are feeling down remember that when you leave a path of caring someone is now caring for you…
Thanks for reading. If I can stop crying happy and sad tears I am going to give them a call. I miss them all so much and my pride has not allowed me to visit too often. I think they just stripped this pride or fear of them seeing me as weak as I am now. Love you all Red

RE: Life is filled with surprises - vickinat - 06-30-2008

Red, That was so great. I hope you do go visit them. It shows how much you are cared for and missed. Good for you sweety.

RE: Life is filled with surprises - RNvic - 06-30-2008

Red, what a beautiful surpise, I know that you are crying happy tears.

RE: Life is filled with surprises - monster - 06-30-2008

What a wonderful thing for them to do! You have made such a difference in so many lives! Please remember that always and know that you continue to make a difference in so many lives, especially here Smile Love you, monster

RE: Life is filled with surprises - jayne - 06-30-2008

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh aint that its really quiet there......And tell my sweet Del I have my own french press now...............

RE: Life is filled with surprises - red1030 - 06-30-2008

Cool... he sure loves his, but at the castle, it appeared so did everyone Love Red

RE: Life is filled with surprises - lil'sweet tooth - 06-30-2008

hey guyes im home now how do i get MY name back i have lost myself !!! RED so glad you got your uplift god always knowes what and when we need right????? love ya cant wait till you get here

RE: Life is filled with surprises - red1030 - 06-30-2008

sweet september or October we will come for a couple of nights ok. I can't wait either. it was so good to meet your daughters and to see you and Skeeter again. I love you both lots ...and i love my gifts...still trying to find just the right place to put them. Most likely will not see it until after I loose all these boxes I am surrounded with... feels like I am moving again, only I have to do it, no military now. love Red

RE: Life is filled with surprises - Still in Limbo - 06-30-2008

Red, I'm so Glad the People You Worked with Remembered You, and Sent You such Wonderful Gifts! But I will Say this without a Shadow of Doubt: After Meeting You in Person, and seeing the Compassion and Love in Your Eyes for Everyone there, I am Sure that is the Same Compassion You shared with Your Patients and Co-Workers. And Believe Me Little One, You have Spread a Path of Caring and Devotion for Your Friends that the Good Lord would be able to Follow to Your Front Door!! You are a Remarkable Lady, it's about Time You are Finally starting Realize it!!!Smile

RE: Life is filled with surprises - capricorn - 07-01-2008

Red....I cannot better how Limbo put my feelings into words so I won't try. I know your heart must be so full right now. It will make it easier for you to stop in and see them someday. God bless you. You are a wonderful, caring human being with so much love to give and you never hesitate to give it.

CAP xo