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Knee Surgery - Bummer Knees - 06-12-2008

I believe everyone knows my replacement surgery is scheduled for June 23rd.

I saw my family physican today and got the results of my lab work and EKG. The EKG is great but the lab work shows a trace of infection in my body. My doctor put me on antibiotics as I feel I may have a mild bladder infection and I am scheduled to have more lab work next Thursday. If any infection remains the surgery will be cancelled.

The doctor tells me any infection in the body when having a replacement is bad news.

I don't know the details, maybe Bad Boy can fill me in on infection & knee replacement.

RE: Knee Surgery - RNvic - 06-12-2008

BK - you don't want any infection when you go to surgery as it could cause your healing to be slowed and also the infection could spread to the knee causing you a longer hospital stay and more surgery as the surgery could fail. Prayers being said for you. Hope the infection gets under control.

RE: Knee Surgery - Lilly - 06-13-2008

BK....if you are scheduled for ANY surgery, and your blood work exposed infection...they will not do surgery. Don't worry...this is why they have you go through the pre op, now they know and can treat it , hopefully in time. IMO You have plenty of time to take antibiotics and rid your system of the infection. Don't be worrying yourself over this...stress will do the current situation no good.
Prayers going up for you. LillySmile

RE: Knee Surgery - ereed51 - 01-03-2009

i just found out i have to have L knee surgery on the 27 pre op. i work at VA and i am a VET how does workman comp work ,do i need a lawyer ,i plan on filing come monday. can anyone tell me what to expect

RE: Knee Surgery - Bummer Knees - 01-03-2009


What type of knee surgery will you be having?

Once you file your claim it will be investigated and either accepted or denied.

If denied you will have the opportunity to appeal the decision.

If you have problems after you file your claim then I would look at getting an attorney.

RE: Knee Surgery - AQA - 01-04-2009

BK, I agree with the above. I recall when I was having my surgeries, if I was under the weather, the surgery was rescheduled. Drs. don't want to have to be dealing with more than they need to. The body can only handle so much at one time. If we are sick or have an infection, it will take longer to heal and we basiclly suffer more than we need to, because the body is fighting the infection and trying to itself fom the surgery at the same time.

I hope that makes sence, my head is a little clouded right now.

RE: Knee Surgery - Bummer Knees - 01-04-2009

Thanks AQA

This is an old post and I did have the surgery June 08. Medication took care of the infection in time for surgery.

I do have delayed rehab with the complication of scar tissue with my knee, even now I don't feel my knee works like it should after surgery.

I am scheduled for surgery on the 20th of this month to have a tumor removed, skin cancer. I am fortunate because this is basal cell and can be treated with a 90% success rate with surgery.

But again I have an infection, I see my doctor Tuesday and will see what he says.

RE: Knee Surgery - hurt at work - 01-04-2009

my best to you bummer i hope all goes well.