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Here it comes again (storms) - Tuffy - 06-08-2008

Tongue Good grief, will it ever end??????? Storms, Tornado warnings, high winds, And it continues . All ya that are south of me did you send this weather my way????????? comon now enough is enough ROTFL

was really looking forward to a picnic and Air Show today, but it was canceled at the last moment (DARN IT ) I missed the Thunderbirds!! Has anyone else seen them??

RE: Here it comes again (storms) - sweet tooth - 06-08-2008

no as bad as we need the rain i would have kept it !!!1 sorry you are stormed in again ,just be sure and say your prayers

RE: Here it comes again (storms) - Tuffy - 06-08-2008

Sweet, It is pouring here, thunder and lightening. Maybe that is the problem, I have not been saying the right prayers.... LOL I will pray to our dear lord to send some of this rain your way.......

RE: Here it comes again (storms) - RNvic - 06-08-2008

Tuffy, I am with you, will gladly pray the good lord sends this water WAY south. We are like you under the warning again tonight, We have no place for all this water to go. Water standing in the fields and on alot of the roads. So many towns in this area are ask to conserve drinking water as the pumps are in the water and wells are damaged due to the water. All the dams are wide open trying to keep the lake from coming out of it's banks. Stay safe.
Sweet tooth - will pray that the Lord will send you a little of this rain, minnis the storms.

RE: Here it comes again (storms) - Tuffy - 06-09-2008

I am begining to wonder if we should make plans to start building an ARK!!!! I could probably float it in my drainage ditch in front of my house. I have never had water in my ditch in the 18 years I have lived here, This week is a first........ I at least am away from the river by at least a mile, But there are many near me that are not as lucky. and like RN vic many roads are closed due to high water and flooding. And it just keeps raining!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RE: Here it comes again (storms) - jayne - 06-09-2008

we have a 70% chance tonite .....oh I hope my garden needs rain

RE: Here it comes again (storms) - red1030 - 06-09-2008

Tuffy I am so sorry about the weather in your part of the woods. I am not sure what is happening here either. It was 103 degrees here yesterday, thank goodness we have an airconditioner or I would be in melt down it is almost 11 am and it is 90 degrees already... the day is going to be hot one, but I would take the hot one of the tornato one any day... I feel for all of you guys going though this. Red

RE: Here it comes again (storms) - Bummer Knees - 06-09-2008

Like Tuffy & RNvic we've had our share of storms. It started yesterday afternoon and continued all night, rain, high winds, & hail. According to the weather report we are to have 5" of rain in 24 hours, we are half way there.

Stay safe.