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Storms - RNvic - 06-03-2008

We are under the storm warnings again tonight, Tornado warnings going on here and around us, Storm took top out of tree early this morning, tree limbs every where, roof will need to be repaired. Tornado on the ground on the north side of town. All of you in Indiana please stay alert as this mess is headed your way.

RE: Storms - red1030 - 06-03-2008

RN.... I know you are having some weather issues there...are they still going on. I am not quit sure how I would handle it. I dislike those kind of storms completely. It was nice talking to Red

RE: Storms - Tuffy - 06-03-2008

RN vic, Stay safe and be well......... we here in northern Illinois have had rain and somewhat windy all day , but nothing this evening, No severe weather. Take care.

RE: Storms - RNvic - 06-04-2008

Red, sure enjoyed talking with you. Storms continued until 2AM and we are to get more today. John got up and got the tree off the roof that came down while we were talking.

Tuffy, glad you are not under the storms, this has been two days now and again today they are expecting more. Sure would like to have a day of dry weather so the basement could start to dry out.

RE: Storms - red1030 - 06-04-2008

RNvic.... are you ok. Are the storms gone? I am hoping that the storm is now past you. I would hate to be in a storm like the one who were in when you were so calmly talking to me. I could not believe how calm when you were when you said the tree fell on the roof.. my heart stopped for a couple of minutes. I do not like weather issues... Let us know you are ... you said you were going to get more today... Love Red

RE: Storms - RNvic - 06-04-2008

Red, We are ok. They are calling for more storms tonight. But for now the sun is shinning and it is very warm. News showed storms out your way. Are you ok? The big problem that is hitting area for now is water. All the lakes and rivers have no place to go. Checked on family in Petersburg and they still have no power and the river is out and they are looking at moving some people to hire ground. They are all ok for now. Some trees down but no damage to homes.

RE: Storms - sweet tooth - 06-04-2008

aint that something ?you have tooo much water and we are drying up down here would gladly share with ya -the water that is- LOLLOL

RE: Storms - RNvic - 06-04-2008

Sweet tooth, if I could find a way I would gladly share the water. The storms have gone around tonight and I am sure glad. We still have a chance for more in the next couple days. Checked on family and they have standing water but are safe and if need to will go up the hill to Grandma's as she is about 40 ft above the river.

RE: Storms - red1030 - 06-05-2008

Hi RNvic...glad to know you are ok. Thanks for writing back. sweet tooth we have plenty of water we could send you. We are having rain storms, one right after the other for the past 24 hours and we have earned ourselves about 4-5 inches of is setting on the top of our pool. I always worry about that pool, because it has flooded our basement before. If not for the two sump pumps down there, I would have had to replace carpeting a few times each year. It comes in through a window where my spraying booth is (this is for spraying sealer on my ceramics and other paintings). Del has fixed it so I usually do not have a problem anymore, but he has been down there most of the day and tonight. NJ loves it rain storms. Love Red

RE: Storms - sweet tooth - 06-05-2008

we are becoming a spin off of death valley kenney has to water his garden every day and our grass -what there was -is crunching under foot i feel like this part of the country has been cursed some where down lifes road but wouldnt want to live anywhere else we are paid for and morgage free so what else can i ask for but a few rain drops lol