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Surgery May Not Happen - Bummer Knees - 05-22-2008

A complication has happened regarding my surgery.

The ortho has ordered medical test to be done 2 weeks before surgery with directions for my family physican to preform the test.

I had an appointment with my family physican this week and he won't do the test because it is work comp.

Next, I called the ortho's office and learned the surgery center where my surgery will be done does not do the type of test I need done.

I was told by the ortho's nurse to contact my attorney which I did today and faxed him the order for the test.

The tests needs to be done by June 9th to keep me eligible for the surgery date of June 23rd.

Any Suggestions?

RE: Surgery May Not Happen - Bad Boy Bad Boy - 05-22-2008

Bummer, relax, for it's only pre-screening, I'm sure it will work out for you way in advance.

RE: Surgery May Not Happen - sparkey - 05-22-2008

Is this test bloodwork and a EKG? If so, could you possibly have your insurance co. do it and then save the bill for wc to reimburse you later? Just a thought. You can always call ahead to a lab to see the cost of the blood test to at least get an idea of the cost. As far as the EKG I have no idea what that cost is.

RE: Surgery May Not Happen - Bummer Knees - 05-22-2008

Bad Boy
What is pre-screening?

I already checked with my health insurance company and they refuse to pay for the test, they say it is an work comp issue.

RE: Surgery May Not Happen - chrischris - 05-22-2008

Bummer, are you able to pay cash for the test, then submit the bills to your IC with a copy to your attorney.

RE: Surgery May Not Happen - RNvic - 05-22-2008

Bummer, call the hospital where the surgery is to be done and see if they can do the test. Let them know it is pre-op and that you have orders for the test. Most have a out patient dept and will do the test and bill wc.

Good luck and we will be praying for you.

RE: Surgery May Not Happen - red1030 - 05-23-2008

Bummer, prescreening is a term to describe testing that needs to be done prior to your surgery to minimize surgery risks and to assure the surgeon and you that you are healthy enough to undergo this kind of surgery and have good results. Mostly prescreening includes blood test that monitors your Complete Blood Count (this carries Iron and other precious body needs), White Blood Count (monitors your rish for infection or if you have infection now, also predicts your ability to heal), Sodium Content, Potatsium Content, and many more minierals that your body needs to function. They are called a CBC with diff, Chemistry 7, or 12, or 20. This will monitor your Sodium, potatassium, blood sugar. liver, kidneys, etc. Also they will ask for a urine speciment, to rule out an infection. Good luck Bummer...I am confident that your attorney will fix this mishap for Red

RE: Surgery May Not Happen - Bummer Knees - 05-23-2008


I am not in a position where I can pay cash for the test.

The first thing I did was check with the ortopedic center where the surgery will happen and was told they don't do all of the test, I believe they mean the EKG.

Thank you for the info you posted. I haven't had a physical for several and think I will call my doctor's office and request one.

RE: Surgery May Not Happen - Still in Limbo - 05-23-2008

Bummer, Contact the Out Patient Center of Your Local Hospital and let them know You need this Procedure Done. When You get there, have Your Script for the Test, and Your w/c Info., Billing Address, and Claim Number. (I usually took My Acceptance Letter from w/c, it has All the Info.) That's what I did for My Pre Screen for My Back Surgery, and also for My Ear Surgery, even though that was Covered by Medicare. The Hospital I had My Surgery in was 60 Miles away, and it was much Easier for Me to ahve all Testing done Locally, and sent to the Operating Hospital. You'll be Fine, and if I can Help Further, Please let Me know!!Wink

RE: Surgery May Not Happen - capricorn - 05-23-2008

Bummer...all have led you in the right direction so I have nothing to add but my best wishes that all works out. It's very frustrating to go through this when you think everything is ready to go. God be with you.