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RE: I'am sick,sick,sick - Lilly - 05-19-2008

o sorry you "gots the crud!" I have it too. i made the mistake of going to the doctors AND a blood draw at the hospital in the same day....and it never fails, I pick something up!!! i try to be very aware of where i put my hands...and keep them clear of my face, PLUS I wash my hands at least a couple of times while waiting in the hospital....but apparently I did something wrong this time. I absolutely hate touching those chair arms and door knobs in such places...and I try to sit well away from other people...but it found me anyhow.
I hope you'll soon be feeling better after the Z pack! LillySmile

RE: I'am sick,sick,sick - collateraldamage5591 - 05-19-2008

I agree with Lilly about hospitals. Get better soon.

RE: I'am sick,sick,sick - Still in Limbo - 05-19-2008

Get Well Soon, and I'll See You in Pa.!!!Smile

RE: I'am sick,sick,sick - Bad Boy Bad Boy - 05-19-2008

Tuffy get well, prayers are being said...Smile

RE: I'am sick,sick,sick - sweet tooth - 05-19-2008

how are you feeling dear? been praying for ya . have you started a count down for pa yet?

RE: I'am sick,sick,sick - Tuffy - 05-19-2008

Thanks everyone for your responses and prayers. Still feel like ____, but no fever, If I could just take a deep breath, I think I would feel better.
Sweet, No to starting a count down, Maybe tomarrow, but no matter , it won't be soon enough... See Ya All in Pa.

RE: I'am sick,sick,sick - Sithie - 05-20-2008

Ya know, just an interesting fact, right now I know 8 people, counting Tuffy who have BAD ppneumonia, in 6 different states. 4 ofthem have been on 2 different rounds of antibiotics. Just a suggestion, but when everyone gets to PA, be careful of the germ thing, alot of us are medically fragile.

Wish I could afford to come with ya'll, I will be thinkin of you.


RE: I'am sick,sick,sick - jayne - 05-20-2008

Shae brought the croup in here with a 102 fever....she has ever so nicely passed it to me.....the good news is she is getting better