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I'am sick,sick,sick - Tuffy - 05-18-2008

Sad Hi everyone, Yes I'am sick, I went to Iowa to visit with my son and while there , thought I was catching a cold. Well it went to my lungs and I now am at home with Pe-monia and bronc trouble.
Z-pack third day, neb treatments 4 x a day , inhalers, etc. Doc would have me in the hospital , but talked him into treating me at home.

I did get to go to one of the riverboats on mothers day, AND WON so at least there was one bright spot of my trip.
I have to catch up on all the news.
Sithie ,I got the seeds..Thank You.
I need to get over this CRUD, So I can regroup and plan for Pa.

RE: I'am sick,sick,sick - red1030 - 05-18-2008

Tuffy... Oh I am just sick that you are sick... we are counting on you to be better for you and to be better for our trip to the castle. I can't wait to see you. i am so selfish am I not. However, my deepish wish is for you to get better. I was just wondering a few days of go where you were. I am glad to know you were with your son and grandkids. How is your grand daughter doing? I am going to send you an email today...I have a question for you. Love Red

RE: I'am sick,sick,sick - Tuffy - 05-18-2008

Red, Thanks for your concern,,,,, If I can survive WC..... I can survive anything.. And nothing will keep me away from Pa and meeting all my dear family......... We (Gail,CRABBY, and I ) have already purchased the drinks, nothing left to do but buy the cheese and crackers etc, pack the car and hit the road..........

RE: I'am sick,sick,sick - backache - 05-18-2008

You little bugger you!!!!!!! I read the thread and started getting the crud. Honestly I think mine is from the pollen, the air is thick with it right now. Take care girl and fill that tank up before the price goes any higher. Can't wait to meet all of you..........

RE: I'am sick,sick,sick - sweet tooth - 05-18-2008

for me 33 and counting ,Tuffy you get better now

RE: I'am sick,sick,sick - monster - 05-18-2008

Tuffy get well soon & if you get worse have someone take you to the 'pital Smile

BA - you get better to can't all go and get sick before your big trip !!! Smile

RE: I'am sick,sick,sick - backache - 05-18-2008

Oh I'm fine Monster I recover quickly, well except for this back thing which will drive me insane if I don't fix myself soon. I think I may get better if I just follow my own care plan, which is easier than following anyone elses. And since no one is doing anything mine has to be better...............................LOL

RE: I'am sick,sick,sick - vickinat - 05-18-2008

I hope you feel better soon, but please don't be stubborn, if you get to feeling worse, please go to the hospital. I want so much to meet you at the castle, but most importantly is for you to be well.

I also hope you feel better soon. I know that when the pollen is up down here it bothers me as well. You are up in the mountains and probably have more pollen problems than me. Rest and get well.

Lova you all

RE: I'am sick,sick,sick - Bummer Knees - 05-18-2008


Where I live there is a lot of "stuff" going around. Get lots of rest, you know your body best and if you need to go to the hospital, then go.

Hope you get feeling better.

RE: I'am sick,sick,sick - bethsha211 - 05-18-2008

Tuffy,Hope you are feeling better soon!