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Settlements/Lawyers -- Utah - cmpieper - 03-21-2008

A friend of mine is receiving workers compensation benefits for carpal tunnel syndrome. She had a recent visit with the company doctor who told her that she needed to meet with a physiatrist. She was also told that the doctor would assess her level of disability and that she would receive a settlement. The implication was that she would receive this settlement and then would no longer receive the benefits that she is presently receiving. Is this the way the system works? How should my friend prepare for this appointment? She has had trouble finding a local lawyer that deals with workers compensation issues. Does anyone know of any Utah worker's comp lawyers?

RE: Settlements/Lawyers -- Utah - sparkey - 03-22-2008

I too have recurring carpal tunnel syndrome of my dominant hand with neuropathy. The doctors all said that the surgery cannot be repeated and my EMG showed slowing of the median. I was put at MMI and the doctor put me at permanent. I am eligable for a settlemet but when i went for my PI ( permanent impairment ) rating, the ic did not like it as it was to high at 19% because it is my dominant hand and effects my ADL's. The doctor who preformed the PI rating said that my medical will stay open and i will get a settlement. The IC has set me up for a IME in a few weeks to dispute my injury and say it is caused from the origional surgery 10 yrs. ago.

Make sure that if they offer you a settlement, that you make sure your medical is left open. Every state is different, but keep that in mind when you settle.

RE: Settlements/Lawyers -- Utah - 1171 - 03-22-2008

yes. a settlement is a buyout of any future benefits that the employer/carrier might be liable for.
If benefits are bought out then they don't continue