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RE: Hurt at work / Spinal cord stimulator - chrischris - 12-27-2009

This is good info. Thanks for starting this AQA! Now, I have more questions? When you had the SCS implanted, and the healing took place, how much did the SCS effect any other meds you were/are taking? Were you able to decrease pain medication? Was there an increase in pain medication at first? Does the SCS improve your overall functioning?

Thanks again! Tongue

RE: Hurt at work / Spinal cord stimulator - AQA - 12-27-2009

CC. The scs is not a fix all cure. If the trial does not produce over 50% relief, they will not do the final implant. As far as the results from the scs, they very.

You question my use of medications. I can understand why and I think the best way to answere that is as follows. My medications increased, but my quality overall functioning increased. I went from a very active life to a very inactive life due to the injury. Once the scs was inplanted, I began a some what active life. It was after the inplant that I started back to school. I had the meds. increased due to the amount of walking I am doing on campus. I foresee decreasing the meds. once school is over with.

I am presently taking, lortab 10mg. X4, lyrica 75mg. X3 and lunesta 3mg. X1

I think your case is going to be interesting. Meaning that you like me have different body parts that are injured.

RE: Hurt at work / Spinal cord stimulator - Manley2 - 12-28-2009

My meds have increased over all for general pain but for the nerve pain none of the meds we tried worked for me. The only thing that has helped with that was the SCS. I would have a hard time falling asleep at night because of the nerve pain in my leg when I would lay down and try to relax but with the SCS this is gone most nights. It helps cut down on the nerve pain I feel all day but it does not stop it all. It is very possible that the SCS could make some people feel 100 % better but I think there are not very many in that group. But that is why they do a trial so they can see how much it will help. You will get a good idea how much it will help in just a few days of use and I know in my case I hated to see it go away and couldn't wait to get the perm one, just wish there would have been no pain from the surgery after. It's worth the pain to get it but it does suck while your healing

RE: Hurt at work / Spinal cord stimulator - chrischris - 12-28-2009

Gotcha! Thanks again for the info. Tongue

RE: Hurt at work / Spinal cord stimulator - Manley2 - 12-28-2009

Should have added to make it more clear they claim a trial is good if it removes over 50% of your pain.