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Tpm's neck woes continue - tpm - 01-18-2008

Hello everyone
Just to get you up to speed... Had C5-7 fusion back in March of '07. Went back to work driving a tractor trailer in the end of June. Today while driving I had my complete left arm go numb as well as my left side of my face. Being a volly I left work and went down to the FD so I could be looked at. (rule out a heart condition or stroke). all checked out ok. I am waiting for a call back from my Neuro with which I already have a scheduled appointment for Monday. Anyone experience these symtems for a neck injury? I also continue to have bad neck, shoulder, and upper back pain Sad.
I was hoping by working I would get all the "kinks" out but I think it's digressing. I'll see what the doc says and will report back.
This is the first day I had to go home because of the pain. I usually got through the day somehow. at least I have a 3 day weekend to recoup.

Hoping everyone a pain free day
Be Well

RE: Tpm's neck woes continue - Bad Boy Bad Boy - 01-18-2008

Possible Domino affect and C3 might of got a pinched Nerve from all that bouncing around, climbing in and out and such. I'm surprised your Doctor allowed you to return to driving a truck without having perform a DOT Medical?

RE: Tpm's neck woes continue - tpm - 01-18-2008

Hello Bad boy
I did take the DOT medical but as you know it isn't much of a test. Had to have a note from MY doc stating I was OK to drive with Robaxin and Lyrica. I no doubt needed more than 12 weeks after surgery but I would have lost my job if I didn't return when I did.
I hope you are feeling better
Take care and Be well

RE: Tpm's neck woes continue - stiffnecked - 01-18-2008

Welcome to the club. I had an CT scan 2 weeks ago and it looks like my the screws in C7 are backing out. I had an ACDF C5-6-7 in 8-05. See the neuro next week to figure out what to do next...

RE: Tpm's neck woes continue - tpm - 01-18-2008

Best of luck to you Stiffnecked
I was told re-doing the screws is a fairly quick procedure. Keep us posted
Be Well

RE: Tpm's neck woes continue - Bad Boy Bad Boy - 01-19-2008

Yes, TPM, 12 weeks was a little too soon, I would agree. Your very correct on the DOT, and I'm glad the Doctor wrote you the Wavier or approval to drive.

Stiff, it's not uncommon for a selection of people to have a screw back out. But I had heard it can be replaced, and it's not all that bad to have done neither.

RE: Tpm's neck woes continue - tpm - 01-22-2008

Well I was seen by my Neurologist yesterday. I told him how I was feeling and the numbness in my arms and face that I've been experiencing. He wanted me to start up PT again but I'm having second thoughts about that seeing as I am working and no doubt get enough exercise, plus I always felt worse after a round of PT.
I am now going to have a MRA (?) and MRI of my brain. Also a vascular test to see if I have any restrictions going through my neck. Not sure what this is all about but I'm open to anything at this point. I see my Neurosurgeon next month for ex rays. Sad

Be well everyone

RE: Tpm's neck woes continue - Still in Limbo - 01-22-2008

Hang in there TPM!! I surely Hope all Works Our for You!! Best of Luck!Wink

RE: Tpm's neck woes continue - muttley - 01-22-2008

tpm - I would suggest you rethink PT . I myself am a truck driver who is currently still getting OT , PT , ST , and more for a "buffet" of injuries I recieved injuries that I should not have live through. While they bring on pain now in the long run its a trade off for piece of mind and lack of pains down the road.
Good luck!

RE: Tpm's neck woes continue - tpm - 01-22-2008

Thanks guys. I haven't given up yet but I am getting discouraged Sad

I'll keep you posted

Be Well