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RE: lest amount of meds - Bummer Knees - 09-30-2008


The Tiger Balm patches can be purchased at Wal Mart in my area for $3.80.

I don't believe they put off heat but would check with your doctor to see if this is something you can use.

RE: lest amount of meds - capricorn - 10-01-2008

I have taken Tylenol 3, 3 different muscle relaxers, percocet, demerol, tramadol, lidoderm patches, and now Neurontin since the DOI. I quit smoking and was hoping to go off some meds but instead I have added to themRolleyes All I take for the inuries regularly now is Neurontin which I think is fabulous, tylenol 3 as needed, skelaxin as needed, and the lidoderm patches I think are great on my lumbar and ankle. The Neurontin has saved my life. I'm glad I tried because Lyrica was horrible so I had some fear of Neurontin.