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lest amount of meds - tweety00 - 01-06-2008

Ok I seen everyone is on alot of meds .... who isnt ?

Im only on aspirin .... and Hate to even take pills .. they get stuck in my throat

RE: lest amount of meds - backache - 01-06-2008

I only take my vitamins and now they have me on Percocet BID, but I only take it when I am unable to get rid of the pain by any other means since it makes me loopy and nauseated.
You may want to put the ASA in pudding or applesauce. That is how I get the people who can't swallow pills to take them.

RE: lest amount of meds - ksgirl - 01-06-2008

I had gotten down to only taking ibuprofen and being able to handle what pain I was still having. Now that I am back to work I am taking the Zanaflex (muscle relaxer) and Hydrocodone or Oxycodone again. Thankfully I have some of each left to get me by til I can get back to the dr.

RE: lest amount of meds - Bummer Knees - 01-06-2008

I sm doing my best to stay off meds as I don't do well with them.

Loratab (prn) only if needed
flerxeral (prn) only if needed
tylenol extra strength ( I try to get by with only tylenol if I can)

Tiger Balm Pain patches (they work wonders)

neurotin (I have a script for and haven't started yet and don't want to)

RE: lest amount of meds - sparkey - 01-06-2008

Bummer? Where do you get the tiger balm patches? I would love to try that on my shoulder and wrist.

RE: lest amount of meds - ksgirl - 01-06-2008

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to help reduce nausea caused by pain pills and muscle relaxers? I am having to take them again and they upset my stomach very badly.

RE: lest amount of meds - Bummer Knees - 01-06-2008


I get them at Wal Mart in the pharmacy, they are over the counter and cost 5 for $3.80.
There also is a Tiger Balm salve, the patches work better for me.

RE: lest amount of meds - lfoster21 - 01-06-2008

Ksgirl-On ocassion I need to take a Percocet and it really makes me nauseas. The Dr. gave me a med. called Promethazine that I take just before I need a Percocet. It works wonderful and it is a gentle enough medication, that when my daughter was 15 had surgery, they gave it to her for the same reason.

Good luck.

RE: lest amount of meds - Lilly - 01-07-2008

This is what i always do with asprin, as it gets stuck in my throat too. First try the coated asprin and if that doesn't work do what i do.
Melt the asprin in a very small (one gulp size) amount of water and drink it. Nasty? YES. But it works faster, doesn't burn a hole in your gut, nor does it get stuck in your throat.
Good luck, LillySmile

RE: lest amount of meds - capricorn - 01-07-2008

Tweety ,I'm on some meds non-WC related. I take nothing for pain/injuries. I have had a drug interaction too many times, they don't help or they create another health issue for me. Cymbalta was my last one. I loved how it made me feel. Helped a little with the nerve pain but before I even went from 20 mg to 30mg I started to get confused. Couldn't remember where I was going (behind the wheel) , where I put things, had no recollection of conversations I had with family members. So I cry alot now and feel the my life is over but at least I know what I feel now.