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Ohhh, Jayne!!! - Wink - 01-02-2008

[Image: th_mouse_quiet_shh_sm_nwm.gif]
"Shhh! Hey, Jayne, I think I've come up with a solution to your, shall we say, "Cat Problem"! Well, unbeknownst to others, I have been working diligently with a close colleage of mine. His name is Albert. That's in Einstein! Of course, I commune with him on the astral plane, simply because he's been out of this world for some you may well know. Anywho, we meticulously derived and solved certain equasions from Einsteins Theory of Relativity, and came up with a way to send those pesky cats into, well, whatever date you may choose. The oblivion part, we haven't mastered just yet. But at least we can send them SOMEWHERE far into the future!"Big Grin My dear Jayne, BEHOLD! 'The Cat Time Machine'!"
[Image: th_time.gif]

RE: Ohhh, Jayne!!! - sparkey - 01-02-2008

I think he's losing it,,LMFAOoooooo.

RE: Ohhh, Jayne!!! - vickinat - 01-02-2008

Did you test that thing out on your avatar first??? Looks like you are missing something, LOL.

Oops, sorry Wink, I just saw the other thread where your retired the avatar, I'll miss the little round fella.

RE: Ohhh, Jayne!!! - capricorn - 01-02-2008

Jayne I think Winky has found just what you need. Good going Wink!

CAPBig Grin

RE: Ohhh, Jayne!!! - Bummer Knees - 01-02-2008


Can I use that machine on my teenagers.

Be glad when they go back to school tomorrow.

RE: Ohhh, Jayne!!! - jayne - 01-02-2008

wink send me two please

RE: Ohhh, Jayne!!! - Tuffy - 01-02-2008

Wink, I sure hope you have put a patten on your machine, Would hate to see someone steal it. I would like one also to get rid of a few people I know. IC attorneys and adjusters..... LOL

RE: Ohhh, Jayne!!! - sparkey - 01-02-2008

I really love the bolt of lightning........Just don't hit my little chickie..LOL

RE: Ohhh, Jayne!!! - halftrak - 01-02-2008

do you think that would work on mother-in-laws, mine is a doozy,halftrak

RE: Ohhh, Jayne!!! - monster - 01-02-2008

It makes me dizzy, ROFL...