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Think I got some good news, what do you think? - monster - 12-31-2007

Hi everyone,

I received in the mail today two notices from Department of Social Services. They have set me up with two different doctor appointments, one for an internist and one for a psychiatric exam. I am hoping that this is good news and that somehow I will qualify for SSD. I am also paying out of pocket to take SSD forms to my neurologist on the 10th so that he can re evaluate me and fill out the forms for me (he offered to do this long ago but I was being stubborn about the SSD thing).

I am at the point when I finally do go out of the house for something that I start crying almost immediately if anyone even asks me how I am today. It doesn't matter if it's a stranger at the check out stand or someone I know...everytime I am asked I just break down. My pain is increasing and being unable to take any thing at all for pain I am just flat worn out. The smallest things are leaving me exhausted and then I find myself in bed sleeping for hours. The sleep I'm getting does not seem to be helping as I wake up as exhausted as I was before I laid down.

I don't think I have ever asked you guys before but if you have any room left in your prayers could you please just pray that these people will see I neeed some help. Like everyone here all I want is to be fixed so I can work again and I feel as if this may be my last resort.

Thank you all for listening to me ramble and I hope we will all get some good news in the year to come.


RE: Think I got some good news, what do you think? - jayne - 12-31-2007

girl you have always and will continue to always be in my prayers.....

RE: Think I got some good news, what do you think? - MJC - 12-31-2007


I was just thinking of this so I will ask you. Have you ever been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia or ever had a sleep study done? I know with Fibromyalgia you have pain all over.....well I did. The rhumatologist told me how important it was to get to a stage 4 sleep for your body to replenish itself and heal. I am asking because you say you sleep but are just as tired when you wake up. I was the same way.

I hope you do get what you need to qualify you for SSI. I did not want to resort to that either but you know sometimes that choice is taken away from us. We have to do what we have to do. I will be praying for you sweetie. Have a Happy New Year. Love ya!

Cajun Hugsssssssss,

RE: Think I got some good news, what do you think? - chrischris - 12-31-2007

Hi Monster, You are in my prayers girl. I can relate to the crying. I can't go anywhere without the fear of being asked something and then I just start crying. I don't understand why we do this. Tongue

It sounds good that you received those letters today. The process is moving along, or you would have received a rejection notice. It takes about 6 months before you actually start receiving benefits and that is why I/W's should apply after they have been out of work for 6 months. You qualify if you've been out of work for 1 year.

About the Fibro that MJC brought up, I'm wondering if you've ever tried any of the nerve medications like neurontin or lyrica. There are commercials on now pushing lyrica as a wonder drug for Fibro.

Somewhere Monster there has to be an answer to your health conditions. I will pray that for 2008 you will find answers and be able to move on with your life the way you want.

Love ya girl!

RE: Think I got some good news, what do you think? - monster - 12-31-2007

Jayne - thank you girl you're a sweetheart Smile

MJC - thank you as well. Fibro as well as acouple of other things have been suggested but not by any docs only by friends who have the same type of pain that I do. I see my neuro this month (paying out of pocket, ickeee) and I don't know if he can make that kind of diagnosis or not but I will bring the subject up.

Chris - Thank you too girl Smile They gave me lyrica quite some time ago. At first it knocked me on my butt and made me real loopy then I had to quit taking it because of my pancreas/liver issues. About 3 weeks ago I got desperate for some kind of relief and took them for three days in a side effect with it now has become I live up to my name and couldn't stand being the rear end that I quickly became. Anti depressants also have the reverse effect on me. Yeah girl, what's our deal with the crying thing? I am pretty sure meither of us were like this before our ouchies Smile

As far as being out of work I haven't worked but about 3 or 4 weeks in the last 3 1/2 years and the last time was in Feb. of '05. Of course the AME says I am just hunky dory but my pain says otherwise and so do the other docs at least the ones I was seeing up until the beginning of this year. If I could schedule my pain around work hours I could probably work a 40 hour week but when you never know when you will be able to move your head and arm or able to walk it makes it kind of hard to stick to a schedule.

Does anyone know of any legitimate online work resources? If I could input data at my leisure but still make the deadlines I could actually be productive again I think. That would mean working in the wee hours of the morning and then back to bed for awhile and so on but at least it would be productive. At home I can sit or stand or lay down when I need to...maybe I can find a job like that...LOL...

Thank you all for your help and prayers

Love and hugs,

I hope I'm not being to much of a downer on New Years Eve, just really tired right now and that's when I really get ickeee, sorry Happy New Year everyone, please be safe and enjoy yourselves Smile

RE: Think I got some good news, what do you think? - red1030 - 12-31-2007

monster, I am sorry to hear that your pain has not decreased so it at least is tolerable. As far as the two appointments, this is rather routine for almost everyone. Caution is in order here. Do not let me rain on your parade, but my history of this situation was that they were not helpful. I was so disappointed. They each saw me for about 2 minutes and then said goodbye and I was turned down the first time. Do not let this sway you however. I believe that you need to apply for SSDI. You definitely do have some health concerns and this way you will have Medicare after the first two years following the date that they say you are disabled per your doctor. Best Wishes monster. Please call me anytime. I miss you also. Love you Red

RE: Think I got some good news, what do you think? - hurt trucker - 01-01-2008

Keeping you in my prayers. I too am very depressed and cannot get out of the house to even go to Wal Mart. I tried to go with wife and kids to get Christmas pics taken and almost fell multiple times in the store. I even keep a quad cane with me for stability and still will fall. It is hard to be in this shape. It is very hard on your pride.

I wish you good health and free of pain in 2008.

Blessings to you!

Hurt Trucker

RE: Think I got some good news, what do you think? - monster - 01-01-2008

Hi Hurt Trucker,

Please know you and your family are in my prayers. You are right, this is very hard on a persons pride. I wish you well my friend and hope that the New Year will bring better health and less painful days for you. If you ever need to talk or vent or whatever please feel free to PM me, I am on here way more than I should be on most days.

God Bless,

RE: Think I got some good news, what do you think? - Babebahn - 01-01-2008

Gosh, sorry about the increase in pain, I am right there with you too. So glad you got those letters, pretty soon you'll get a letter that says you have been accepted! I will pray for that day to come soon!

RE: Think I got some good news, what do you think? - sparkey - 01-01-2008

Monster i can understand how you feel. Have you ever gone to PM yet? In the beginning of my injury i was in so much pain that i would not leave my bed. I would curl up and stay there all day crying and trying to get my hand in a comfy position. I felt i was giving up on the world. Amazing what pain can do to us and depression.

I went to the PM doctor and she prescribed me medications to see which one would work better. I took cymbalta and had to up it from 30mg, to 60 as i was still crying and not wanting anything to do with anyone. Finally after being on 60 for awhile and pain meds, i was able to get up. Then i went to PT/OT which got me out of the house ( which also helps). You need to get to the point of getting outside more. Just being out of work is depression in itself, nevermind the pain.

I ended up buying a dog, chickens, ducks..LOL I needed something to take care of and keep my mind off pain and being alone out of work all day. That helped me alot. Now that i am back to work full time and living somewhere else far away during the work week, i had to give away my animals. I have to say, just going back to work and feeling i am worth something made me better.

I still do cry at a drop of a dime because i am no longer able to work doing what i loved most,but i make it through. Keep your chin up, as when you find something you can do for work or a hobby to keep you busy like your plants, you will feel even better. Remember there are people that love you, and you need to get up and see the world. There are people worse off than us, and we cannnnnnn get better. I wish you the best of luck in this new year.