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cervical spinal surgery - fed-up1251 - 12-23-2007

I know this is the off-topic forum, but I see they closed the Bonati forum, so I hope you don't mind me posting this question here.

Has anyone had any success with a 4 level cervical fusion, or know of anyone who has had success. What were the outcomes as far as range of motion, recover period. Also, nerve damage, can that be reversed with surgery. I know everyone is different, but, just need some other opinions.

Hope everyone has a nice holiday and happy and healthy new year to all of you.

RE: cervical spinal surgery - stiffnecked - 12-24-2007

Four level is pretty radical. I had 2 levels done C5-6-7 with very mixed results. Now the doc says I need to have the 2 levels above done. Some nerve damage may be reversed as nerves will regenirate themselves. A lot depends on how long they have been compromised. Once they start growing back you will know it from the increased pain. It's a slow process.

Post over on Braintalk as well for some good answers.

RE: cervical spinal surgery - Babebahn - 12-24-2007


I had 3 levels level did not fuse right away. I am scheduled for a cervical epidural in January 2008. has a lot of information.