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Cost of Medications$$$ - Spring - 05-07-2007

I am starting to think about the future...and can't sleep again. So here is my question. I know some of you have setttled your cases or no longer are receiving benifits. Please tell me how in the world you afford your medications. Prior to my injury I had health insurance and they paid 80% of the cost. The corbra rate was just crazy.

My lawyer had me get the cost of my monthly medications. Are you ready for this...$1180.00 a month. I ask myself what in the world am I going to do if wc just stops paying for them. We could do it for awhile. My husband wouldn't let me do with out. But that is aweful. My anti-depressant is $480.00 a month. That is enough to make me depressed all over again. It doesn't come in is for nerve pain...which I have so bad. And I must have tried 6 or 7 before the Dr and I found one that helped.

How in the world do you all pay for your medications? Have you been able to get insurance after being on wc. I do not want to have my medical left open. I just can't even stand the thought of having to deal with wc for the rest of my life. What a nightmare that would be. And I know there isn't a settlement big enough to ever cover all the needed medical care with medication. SO what do you do. Please explain it to me.

RE: Cost of Medications$$$ - jayne - 05-07-2007

I am lucky my husband is retired military and they have covered my meds so far WC hasnt....I hope when all is settled and done and the extreem stress is lifted I wont need some of mine.....I dont have an answer spring but someone will come along soon that may for you

RE: Cost of Medications$$$ - Bummer Knees - 05-07-2007

Our local United Way chapter funds organizations that provide medical & RX coverage. There is an income guideline for applicants.

In Wichita there are a couple of non-profit clincs where the uninsured get RX coverage.

RE: Cost of Medications$$$ - Pooh - 05-07-2007

I am covered for prescriptions under my husbands at work. They have been great and covered all medications so far pain whether related to the work injury or not since WC has never paid for any of my medications since my last injury.

Heck they had one doctor say he prescribed meds for me yet to this date I have yet to see the prescription form from him.

RE: Cost of Medications$$$ - monster - 05-07-2007

I know some pharmaceutical companies have programs in place for people who cannot pay for their medications. I think it depends on a persons income but am not sure. Every now and then I see a commercial on TV abouut it. I will try and get the phone number next time I see it. Maybe you can ask your pharmacist they might possibly know some of the programs out there.

RE: Cost of Medications$$$ - Bummer Knees - 05-07-2007

Information can be obtained on the RX program you are talking about, by contacting your local county health dept or county extension office.

There is also a web site, don't know how it is listed.

RE: Cost of Medications$$$ - Bummer Knees - 05-07-2007

I will get more information and post it.

RE: Cost of Medications$$$ - red1030 - 05-07-2007

Hi Spring...there is such a difference between being in the military and having a injury and being an civilian with a injury. Everyday I hear all these concerns and I just say wow...because I don't even know what to say. When I was first diagnosed and then boarded from the Navy..(Boarded...medically unable to do the essentials of the job lets MMI) I was devastated. But I never had the concerns that you are all facing. It is awlful that you even have to worry about this stuff. When I was retired from the Navy, I was paid life time retirement, then I was sent to Veterans Administration who now pays life disability pay, and all the cost of all my medical in or out of the system. I take one shot that cost $1,500 per week. I am on 40 pills a day. So I can't even begin to think what it would cost me a month. Then because I am a 100% disabled vet, they pay my husband to go to school, and I am exempt from property taxes and income taxes for most of it now. My life is not wonderful and income was much greater when I worked but it is ok. I said all this to say I have been in a cloud somewhere and did not understand all the issues of the IW. I wish I had a answer for you. You said you did not want to keep W/C Insurance and I guess you know why better than I would ever know. My husband uses all my medical coverage so he is treated but not by W/C IC. I want them to pay the VA back though. I want them to admit wrong doing, but I am probably wanting to much. Any way I am off subject..good luck. I wish you the best.

RE: Cost of Medications$$$ - Bummer Knees - 05-07-2007

I made some phone calls and this is waht I foundout.

This program is for individuald without health insurance or pharmacy coverage, more information can be found on the web site listed below.

Partnership for Perscription Assistance.
M-F 8:00AM until 11:00PM(EST)

1. A form is completed by dr
2. Dr send form to "Pharmacy Central Network"
3. Medication is sent to dr office

Bummer Knees

RE: Cost of Medications$$$ - Bad Boy Bad Boy - 05-07-2007

Spring, I know people that filled out forms, and also their Doctor filled the form out also. It is then sent to the Companies that make the Medications. It you fit the guidelines, they send the medications to you for free. my Mother-in-Law did, and she gets her's sent free, 3 months at a time, and on time each time. I don't have the form, but maybe someone here knows what it is.

I'm on SSDI and Medicare, Parts (A) & (B), then I picked up on part (D) for medications. There is a limit of rules you need to read also. But not as hard as people have seemed to make it all out to be.

Also, I was told, many States have Insurance Plans you can pick up on, like here in Illinois I think it's Humana. Somethings you can look into, before you have problems. Good of you to think of the future of these cost. But make sure you Attorney gets these cost figures also. I have the Pharmacy Fax mine to me every 3 months, showing no change, or changes. as for future records.