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I hope this helps - imsckofit - 10-30-2007

sorry what I say is private...look elsewhere

RE: I hope this helps - Sithie - 10-30-2007

I am so glad to hear you sounding so good, you have come a LONG way for someone who WC knocked around so hard I am proud of you.


RE: I hope this helps - queenbee - 10-30-2007

I would love to be able to talk to someone about the depression and stress but simply can't afford it.
Forget having IC pay for it , I have a terrible time getting them to approve tests and surgery.
Family doctor gave me antidepressants so I hope they help.

RE: I hope this helps - CRABBY - 10-30-2007

It is so good to hear someone upbeat for a change....Queenbee I'm in the same position you are...but I'm gonna check with the county here and see if they have some free counseling or check with a local church and see if they might have counceling as imsickofit mentioned earlier....

RE: I hope this helps - queenbee - 10-30-2007

I didn't think of church- good idea.
county didn't have anything here.
I am so full of anger, frustration, I need someone to talk to
I have no problem admitting I can't handle this the whole thing is ridiculous.
Good luck

RE: I hope this helps - vickinat - 10-30-2007

I think that it is such a shame that the W/C can cause so many of us emotional distress and added stress. I've been told here in Pa, that nothing can be done against the adjuster or the I/C for the emotional or mental anguish, you can't sue them for the pain and suffering that they put us thru or anything. It's no woder they treat us the way they do, they know that we can't do anything about it. Then they get your employer to give you grief and stress, no wonder it takes so long to heal. I am one of the one's that sent a email to the Oprah show, have recieved a email that they recieved it but that was all. I wish that the laws could be changed in order to be able to hold them accountable for their actions. If another person did this to someone, they can be charged with mental abuse, but the W/C are untouchable and it's wrong.
Thanks for letting me vent. I guess I should have put this on the of topic area instead, sorry about that.
Love you all

RE: I hope this helps - CRABBY - 10-31-2007

I hear ya is overwhelming bad we couldn't file with the EEOC against the adjusters for discrimination...why do some get it and some don't...hmmmmm? Would be nice wouldn't it....or maybe as a whole we could do a class action suit against w.c. as a whole...any Attorneys out there willing to take the risk? LOL
Oprah doesn't care neither does anyone else for that matter, but that is why workmans comp does it, you hit it right on the head there.. the UNTOUCHABLES.....Where's elliot ness when we need him?LOL...

RE: I hope this helps - Pooh - 10-31-2007

For those that don't know - you can always check into your county mental health and see what they provide. I was able to get counseling in Iowa when I was still working even while on comp and covered by Insurance at a reduced rate. Basically they accepted just what my insurance would pay.

Most county mental health clinics have grants and stuff to help those that can't pay for the services - sure there is some paperwork that you have to fill out but it is well worth it as imsc has pointed out.

Another thing I found out - if your not claiming depression on your wc claim - then the IC has no right to your mental health notes in some states. They have to have your signature and not a photo copy on the release to get them. (The IC tried to get my records and they were denied access even though we had depression added because they didn't have the right forms.) So they do take your mental health records and privacy matters and regard them has strictly private matters unless you give the ok to give them out.

Maybe the IC didn't get mine because Their release said NO to mental health, HIV, and drug abuse which are where you have to initial and I always wrote no on those lines so no one could try and write my initials and say I gave permission.

RE: I hope this helps - Lilly - 10-31-2007

It does my heart good to hear your upbeat toneSmile I am so glad you have seeked help and are passing on the helpful info. Sithie is have come a very long way & you should be proud of yourself!! Thank you!

Yes, I agree that it should be unlawful for the ICA's to play such tormenting games with peoples lives and livelihood, and be able to "get away with it" remaining untouchable! Maybe Timothy Belt could explain how this is I've NEVER understood it and would love to learn how it is possible, or just have it explained to me.
Take are everyone, LillySmile

RE: I hope this helps - capricorn - 10-31-2007

Imsickofit....Firts I have to say I agree with the group. You sound wonderful, although I know you're not, I can here the positive turn in your words. God bless you. I agree with all you have said, along with all the others.

Vickie.....Once I won my case each time a facility or Dr. called my adjuster to verify that my case was open and active she would tell them "No it's not" then they would deny me treatment. Attorney told me she has done nothing illegal as long as she doesn't refuse to pay my bills. Go figure.

Love and Prayers to all,