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RE: Bacteria... Stop That Germ - jayne - 10-22-2007

it is also the best flea soap around unless you all would use lye soap I could fix you all lye soap it will kill anything.....

RE: Bacteria... Stop That Germ - ksgirl - 10-22-2007

Jayne I agree about kids needing to get dirty. I always told mine, God made dirt, dirt won't hurt. Of course you have to be careful, but normal everyday germs aren't superbugs yet. Notice I said yet. I have never been able to use Ivory soap. For some reason the soap that's 99.4% free of everything bad, breaks me out. I know, I am backwards!

RE: Bacteria... Stop That Germ - mel1980 - 10-22-2007

I have used ivory soap for years and its wonderfull so is the baking soda , i am almost done with my fall cleaning except for the windows ..Anyone wanna help with the windows..Im gonna try the vinger and paper i think pooh suggested that i have never tried that..Windows are tomorrows job LOL

RE: Bacteria... Stop That Germ - Pooh - 10-22-2007

mel - it's a vinegar water solution - but it's been so long i forget what the measurement it to mix it correctly - maybe there is a recipe in one of the links that badboy posted. Then newspaper - not papers from a magazine as they don't work as well because of the type of paper they are.

It's something we used to do when I worked in a restaurant and I had the recipe at one time but with all the moves over the years I kind of lost it.

As far as some planting tips when spring gets here - remind me and I will give you all some for some more colorful flowers, etc.

RE: Bacteria... Stop That Germ - mel1980 - 10-22-2007

ok pooh sounds good i will look on that site that badboy had if not i will google it ..i would love tips for planting colorfull flowers...Right now i am getting ready for halloween and thanksgiving then my fav xmas yay..

RE: Bacteria... Stop That Germ - Tuffy - 10-22-2007

another good solution for windows, mirrors, pictures, even auto glass is 1 Tablespoon cornstarch disolved in 1 quart warm (not hot) water and dried with newspapers or paper towel. no streak and leaves them silky feeling.

RE: Bacteria... Stop That Germ - imsckofit - 10-23-2007

Thanks bad boy! funny I learned about vintager from believe it or not Martha dear Martha S it disinfects almost as good as bleach like 1 or 2 % less and Hydrogen Peroxide is really good also there are allot of uses for it I had a web sight for it but it is lost.
Growing up we had spring and fall cleaning everything was cleaned walls and floors, china crystals EVERYTHING but it worked.