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Workers compensation - - 05-22-2020

If your 104 weeks of worker’s compensation have ended, and your doctor puts you on state disability can EDD put a lien on Workers compensation to pay back the money you used from EDD while waiting for workers compensation to except your claim? For example I roughly used $21,000 of $$30,000 in my account waiting for workers compensation to accept my claim now I have roughly a year left on disability trying to get all my injuries addressed but I only have about 15 weeks of money to live on. My attorney says workers compensation usually pays back EDD after the case closes.

RE: Workers compensation - 1171 - 05-22-2020

Can we assume your claim is under california rules?
I’m confused, did workers comp pay you 104 weeks of TD or did SDI make disability payments to you?

RE: Workers compensation - 1171 - 05-22-2020

Is the employer/carrier disputing your injury or just some benefits?

RE: Workers compensation - California_Help - 05-29-2020

When he wrote 104 weeks of workers' compensation has ended, do you mean you received 104 weeks of TTD payments? You can receive TTD payments after 104 weeks being on workers compensation. This is why I am confused on your post and want to make sure you are aware 104 weeks means 104 weeks of payments, and not weeks being injured.