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Multiple injuries - momzilla1988 - 04-18-2020

I was crushed in a machine while setting it up. No one saw it happen and twenty months later they still do not know what caused the machine to malfunction.
My shoulder, clavicle, and jaw was broken( plates in my jaw). I suffered a severe brachial plexus injury and Memory loss. I have finally been released. Two shoulder surgeries. Both related to the accident. PTSD, CRPS, memory loss, anger, issues , depression. etc. I do not have full use of my arm and may never get it back. The doctor gave me a 12% PPI on just my shoulder. I have permanent restrictions. My understanding is, I will get multiple ratings, for the shoulder, the injuries, the surgeries, my jaw, the PTSD, the CRPS, extra. How do they figure all.of this out? I am in Indiana.

RE: Multiple injuries - 1171 - 04-18-2020

You had a single injury to multiple body parts.
GeneralLy the physician uses a Rating guide that instructs them on how to combine ratings into a single whole person rating. That is used to compute the number of weekly payments your impairment benefits are to be paid.