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Are you depressed and anxious because of your injury? - Buddy1114 - 04-07-2020

Hey Readers,
So I'm a newer member and I've only read posts from the past couple of months so maybe it's been covered elsewhere, but I have noticed a lot of talk about depression and anxiety. Keep in mind I live in CA so laws may be slightly different for you, but this information should be relevant to all injured workers.
I want you all to know you have a right to receive treatment for this if your work injury is the cause of your mental deterioration. What you need is a PQME (Panel Qualified Medical Exam). Your PTP will need to make thorough notes on your mental state to get this approved, but if you are depressed and your injury is to blame you may be eligible for treatment.
In California you go to a PQME, they diagnose you, and they look at past mental health. I had no mental health issues prior to my injury so my PQME found that my mental deterioration is 100% industrial (ie injury related). The downside is your mental health problems have to be 51% because of your injury. So for example if you were the victim of child abuse or some other psychologically damaging events throughout your life they will weigh against the findings.
Since my mental health issues are 100% injury related (remember you only need a 51% or more to qualify) the insurance company has to take responsibility. I see a psychologist and a psychiatrist all covered by the insurance. You can also have Psych added as an accepted body part to your claim, but this is something you would need to discuss with your attorney.
Chronic pain sucks. Being disabled sucks. Being depressed sucks, but you CAN get help for this. Keep your heads up!! There is light at the end of the tunnel even if you don't see it.

RE: Are you depressed and anxious because of your injury? - 1171 - 04-07-2020

panel qualified medical examination is not required in california but is commonly requested.