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Maryland Workmens Comp question - Acmiller32 - 12-16-2019

Please help. I am new to this. I am a 43 year old Male who has never had a workmens compensation claim. I tore my meniscus in my right knee back in late August. My orthopedic doctor concluded this was a WC injury and after completing my IME their doctor concluded the same. I have never had a knee injury EVER! I was then placed on light duty. On November 21st I was called into my supervisors office and had a conference call with my employers accident and injury specialist. They advised me that the doctor changed his opinion and said that he didnt believe it happened at work after listening to my auditory statement. I was blown away. My auditory statement said nothing different than what I've said since day one which was written down and no different than what I told the ime doctor upon examination. In fact I was only in his office for about 2 entire minutes and he never even asked me how my injury happened. The injury specialist at my employer then told me i would no longer be on light duty but Medical leave and that i could either finish out the day or go home now. I was in total shock! I exclaimed "it's a few weeks before Christmas..what am I going to do..i have small children a rent payment, car payment etc"?! I left that office with tears strolling down my face. They of course said sorry which doesnt help me and I left work immediately so I could consult my attorney. He was in shock as well. I've had my attorney about 2 weeks after my injury was reported, but did not have him when I made the auditory statement which I'm kicking myself for. I was new to all this...i thought I did everything I was supposed to do so why would I need an attorney? Until another coworker who had also had a workmens comp injury and said "you better get an attorney ". My question is...what does someone do? I have zero insurance through work since I was only there about 6 months prior to my incident? I have no funds left. Was evicted from my apartment and now my kids are living with my mother and father while I bounce around from friends that will take me in. My workmens compensation commission hearing was scheduled for today but was canceled due to inclement weather which now means itll be another month or more? I cant do this any longer. I've done nothing but be honest from day one. My attorney told me this morning that they would try to file for an emergency hearing, but I would most likely not be approved. He also stated that he would try to speak to the defense attorney and see if he could talk to the insurance adjuster about stopping all this nonsense and let me get the surgery and benefits I'm entitled to. Can somebody please help me with advice?! I'm begging you. It cant go on like this any longer. It's not right.

RE: Maryland Workmens Comp question - 1171 - 12-17-2019

Each state has different laws for work comp.
If your atty is a work comp specialist, they are just as knowledgable about your states comp laws as anybody.
Some states have disability insurance for those with non-work injuries. Does yours?
There is nothing a public message board can do to change the carriers decision.
I Can recommend that you contact your union, they often funds that can help in an emergency.
Your county social services is also a resouce for help with food and housing
Contact your church or local fraternal organization for short term help with necessary treatment.
Your city may also have access to lowcost or free clinics.

RE: Maryland Workmens Comp question - 1171 - 12-17-2019

Maryland social services

RE: Maryland Workmens Comp question - Acmiller32 - 12-17-2019

(12-17-2019, 01:09 AM)1171 Wrote: Maryland social services

RE: Maryland Workmens Comp question - 1171 - 12-18-2019

You are welcome. Glad i could help.