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RE: occ lung disease in ca - 1171 - 03-22-2020

See chapter 3 of the guide for more detailed understanding of the doctors role in determining how an injury can be caused be the job.

RE: occ lung disease in ca - christofear - 05-06-2020

well i went to my Ame appointment and he ran a pulmonary fuction test and a cat scan. When the initial report came in My lawyer called and said it was in my favor but will have to wait for a final/supplemental report. Also i recieved a notice from the defense for my deposition which is coming up very soon. my question is what is a supplemental report? and also i was under the impression that since it is an AME and he said the injury is work related why are they taking my deposition??????

RE: occ lung disease in ca - 1171 - 05-06-2020

maybe your atty asked for a clarification of some point on causation or PD.
maybe they will discover facts that are different or should have been questioned by the AME.

RE: occ lung disease in ca - christofear - 05-08-2020

that makes sense. thanks 1171. how long does a supplemental/final report usually take when a case is moving along quickly??

RE: occ lung disease in ca - 1171 - 05-08-2020

30-60 days

RE: occ lung disease in ca - christofear - 05-10-2020

ok so i recieved another delay notice in the mail. It says that although liability has been accepted i cannot pay you TTD benefits because there is no medical report taking you off of work on an industrial basis. Ok so this gets my blood moving the wrong way. because i have been seeing doctors they have sent me to for the last 7 months. and i know for a fact that my PTP has me off of work. I also have a SDI claim open just because the doctor has me off of work. So this adjuster is just delaying things another 30 days just for spite because i know she has the report on her desk. Can someone please explain whats happening.

RE: occ lung disease in ca - christofear - 05-11-2020

so i got another notice in the mail today. it says my claim has been approved. officially approved. finally. but i still have deposition soon and they also delayed my TTD. i dont understand but im glad they approved it. god bless.

RE: occ lung disease in ca - christofear - 05-22-2020

ok well they took my deposition so that is out of the way. They asked alot of medical questions and prior employment questions but all in all i think it went well. Im still waiting on TTD benefits and for final doctors report so i can start recieving treatment and/or settlement. but my claim is approved.

RE: occ lung disease in ca - 1171 - 05-23-2020

What good is the approval if they are not providing any benefits? Seems kinda hollow to me.

RE: occ lung disease in ca - christofear - 05-23-2020

beats me i dunno what is going on. happy memorial day e1.