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RE: occ lung disease in ca - 1171 - 03-05-2020

The QME should have all your medical records. Be prepared to give them a complete work history.
Its up to the physician as what tests need to be run or rerun. There are hundreds of thousand of claims from simple lacerations to death and paralysis. Few need a judicial determination as there is much incentive to settle issues before it gets to that point.

RE: occ lung disease in ca - 1171 - 03-05-2020

Here is the most recent annual report on workers compensation in califonia

RE: occ lung disease in ca - christofear - 03-05-2020

thank you.

RE: occ lung disease in ca - 1171 - 03-06-2020

You’re welcome. There is a lot of data collected as its a very large system and its processes are monitored closely.

RE: occ lung disease in ca - christofear - 03-12-2020

there is alot of good information thanks 1171.My QME is next week and today in the mail was a reminder from the IC defense attorney and actually a check. yeaa a check for transportation cost lol. i havent worked in a few years and actually forgot what a check looked like lmao. And to tell you the truth i have lost alot of faith after denial notice. But im in there ball field as a T-ball batter so my faith is restored after seeing a check actually sent from the IC.(corvel). thought i was fighting a losing battle with some of the horror stories.

RE: occ lung disease in ca - 1171 - 03-12-2020

While a lot of trust has been lost in the comp system over the years, its not yet a “free for all”.
the process and procedures are still enforced and resolutions are still based on the strength of the evidence. Sophisticate fraud is still fighting to take the system down but changes have been effective for the most part.
I hope the system can handle the current epidemic equitably

RE: occ lung disease in ca - christofear - 03-21-2020

well i went to my agreed upon QME appointment so that is out of the way. i was the only person in the building besides the dr and secratery lol. was a ghost town. i tried calling my lawyer but they are closed for a month. with a denied claim what is gonna happen from this point on ? He wants more test done such as CT scan and full range blood panel and a full blown breathing test.

RE: occ lung disease in ca - 1171 - 03-21-2020

Hopefully you’ll get the necessary tests and the doctor will issues an opinion.

RE: occ lung disease in ca - christofear - 03-21-2020

yes hopefully. if his opinion is in my favor will my denial be overturned? will i possibly begin to recieve TTD or PD bennys. he seems to be in agreement with my PTP which was in my favor about my injury being work related. is it true that my injury only has to be 1% work related in order to be accepted? thanks again.

RE: occ lung disease in ca - 1171 - 03-22-2020

Doctors only provide the medical evidence; they do not render a judicial determination.
The doctor can give medical findings that support a diagnosis and contributing factors.
Whether they are persuasive enough and meet the legal requirements of “proximate cause” and not just any cause will be up to the comp court.