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1171 - Another Question - tbear6410 - 11-08-2019

Ok, One Call with the Carrier set up my MRI for Nov. 15th... 

3:15 - Check In
3:30 - Exam
4:30 - MRI Done

Ok, why would I be getting an exam?  
I did ask the guy if the carrier is paying for this and he told me the Carrier is the one who ordered it.... Not my surgeon...

Steve (hubby) is wondering if they are trying to sneak in a IME exam or something...  I sent my lawyer an email about this to see if he can find something out.  Surgeon's nurse called me and I told him too... He's also puzzled as to why they are doing an exam on me..

Thanks for the help...

RE: 1171 - Another Question - 1171 - 11-09-2019

Sorry i don’t know what they are thinking. The exam and opinion will be used as evidence. Does it nake a difference if it is another IME?

RE: 1171 - Another Question - tbear6410 - 11-09-2019

Nope.. no difference... but it would be nice to know what's going on..

RE: 1171 - Another Question - redsoxfan - 11-11-2019

A couple years ago when my neurosurgeon requested my spinal cord stimulator be installed the carrier tried to fight it with two IME reports that stated it wasn’t medically necessary and that I was only 25% and could return to work. The two IME’s never even saw me and the carrier never notified me they were doing this. The carrier just sent them my medical records to the doctors and that’s all they went by. My lawyer fought and won because they couldn’t prove they actually sent all my records to the doctors. They could’ve just sent a quarter of them, who knows.