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Achilles Repair. Workers comp question... - Go Cowboys! - 09-26-2019

Hello and thanks for looking!

I injured my Achilles tendon March 2018 going up a work stand at work.
I was sent to the job's clinic where I was refereed to a local specialist.
He recommend a repair surgery ( cutting the tendon,lengthening it and then reattaching).
Right before surgery was scheduled. (4 months) WC realized this Doctor was "not in network".
So now I go to a different Doctor who also recommends surgery and the surgery was performed late February 2019.
Returned to work late April and was in too much pain. Went to see the surgeon and was put into a cast for a month.
Returned to work for about a month and again I was suffering with all the walking. Went back to the doctor and he restricted me out of work for about another month. He suggested another surgery to harvest the big toe tendon and ordered another MRI.Had an MRI done 2-3 weeks ago.
I am going today to get the MRI results.
I feel like I am not recovering properly.
(I have a limp now, my arch has fallen on the bad foot and I am in pain if I am on my feet too long.Forget about jumping or running!)
The doctor said I would be back in action in the spring and its fall already...

My question is:
Should I ask for a second opinion?
I am afraid they will close my case and I will continue to suffer through this.
Should I talk to a lawyer?
I'm not sure what good that would do, but I would like to stack the deck in my favor.

Thanks in advance and any input would be appreciated!

Just got home from seeing the surgeon.
Looks like my tendon is not healing and he wants to do the second surgery that uses the tendon from my big toe.

RE: Achilles Repair. Workers comp question... - 1171 - 09-26-2019

Yes get a second opinion/ consult; there might be other treatment options. You need choices.
Yeah there is little a lawyer can do until there is a dispute and it may piss off the employer.
The rules for changing doctors are different in every state. Some states also cap disability payments so find out how many weeks you have left.

RE: Achilles Repair. Workers comp question... - California_Help - 09-26-2019

Always get a second opinion before undergoing surgery.(JMO)

RE: Achilles Repair. Workers comp question... - California_Help - 09-26-2019

And I highly suggest researching (google etc) the surgeon (his reviews) and the procedure as well.

Best to you.