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CA - Settlement question(s) - mikeetoe - 06-07-2019

First of all, I do apologize for the following, but I want to provide as much information as possible regarding my case. My attorney sent me an e-mail last week with a settlement offer, and recommended I did not settle at this time. He indicated that the insurance company and their counsel wanted to know if the amount was unacceptable, what amount would be. The following is a timeline of the events.

03/31/2017 - Injured my right shoulder at work. I notified management and they sent me home and gave me the next day off. They indicated that if my arm was not better, they would fill out the paperwork and take care of it.

06/01/2017 - Paperwork was filled out at work. Instead of sending me to a workers comp doctor, I was sent to my own doctor.

06/14/2017 - Obtained legal representation.

07/2017 - Workers comp finally took over my "treatment".

09/2017 - After questionable treatment, I was released back to work with a questionable diagnosis.

10/13/2017 - Last scheduled day of work as my employer placed me on a leave of absence, unknown to me.

11/2017 - Talked to HR at my employer. Was notified of the leave of absence. Asked to be placed back on the schedule in a position that would accommodate my injury.

04/2018 - Gave a deposition on the case/injury.

05/2018 - Visited a QME who ordered a MRI. Also found out from unemployment that my employer had notified them I had abandoned my job, and as of January 2018 was no longer employed.

08/2018 - Had an MRI on my shoulder.

12/2018 - Notified of a new treating physician.

01/2019 - Scheduled for an appointment but was never notified as the insurance company had given the physician incorrect contact information.

05/2019 - After almost 21 months of no treatment I finally saw a doctor who immediately ordered a surgical consult. My attorney also notified the insurance company that they had 20 days to issue back pay for zero income from October 2017 until current day (wouldn't have lasted this long without my parents).

So my question is, I have no real idea how to remotely come up with a number that would be reasonable in a settlement for all of this. I know my attorney has expressed interest in taking this all the way to court, and I am perfectly fine following their lead to a point, but I have zero clue what I would ask for. I know as far as the injury/medical side of things, there's no way to calculate a value until that has run it's course. I can provide more information or details if needed.

RE: CA - Settlement question(s) - 1171 - 06-07-2019

Acceptable amount:
Present value of anticipated PD plus
Value of all outstanding & future TTD plus
Present value lifetime future medical treatment