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Boss denied doctor after injury - Sonomaco - 04-29-2019

Hello I am 28 years old and live in Northern California. I sprained my ankle at work on March 8th and immediately told my boss, we agreed I should just go home. When I came back to work on Monday and told my boss it was bad and I wanted to see a doctor he said “ I could get in a lot of trouble if you seek medical treatment” I was convinced not to go In and just try modified work. He hid the whole issue and I went to my own doctor a week ago and they told me I need 3 weeks off and gave me a boot. It still hurts pretty bad with swelling and bruising. I filed a late workman’s comp claim and I have not had a payment yet. I am worried about my ankle at this point and am wondering if I should talk to an attorney. I have text messages of me trying to ask for days off because of my foot and my boss replying with making me continue to work and further my injury. Thank you for reading and for any help, it is very much appreciated.

RE: Boss denied doctor after injury - 1171 - 04-29-2019

Have you heard anything from the carrier? The behavior you describe often occurs from employers that do not have comp insurance. You can file directly with the carrier; i’m Sure hey’d be interested in the employers behavior. You should write up the events as soon as possible while the dates, times, and conversation stations are still fresh n your mind. Include as many quotes as you can. It can come in handy if there are problems later.
Did you file a claim form? As you don,t seem to understand the process.
It can take as long as 2 weeks to make the first payment especially if the employer is uncooperative.
At this point litigation is unlikely to speed up the first payment.