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Workers Comp Disputing Medical Bills - gamora77 - 03-15-2019

So I was injured at work December of 2018 and have been going through workers comp since. I had to have a surgery done, and surgery was done end of December. My doctor who I've been seeing is licensed in the state of New York, however he did my surgery in the state of NJ in a hospital there. I didn't think much of it because the doctor himself is licensed in New York and I just wanted to have the surgery done. Last week I received a C-8.1 that the insurance is disputing the medical bills because the hospital bills were out of NYS. It wasn't my fault that the surgery was done in a New Jersey hospital because the doctor from New York brought me there. How do you guys think this situation will be handled and if anyone has any input on this? Thanks everyone.

RE: Workers Comp Disputing Medical Bills - 1171 - 03-15-2019

I think the doctor will write an explanation and the bills will eventually get paid